The Ace Family has been surrounded by a lot of drama lately. Amid this, fans are convinced Catherine and Austin McBroom might break up.

The social media personalities first started their YouTube channel in 2016. Since then, they have taken their followers on a journey by showcasing their luxurious life and by giving a glimpse of their growing family.

However, some fans are now convinced their days of producing content together and more importantly, their relationship might be coming to an end.

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Why fans think Ace Family is heading for a breakup

The rumors started when several reports claimed Austin had been hit by lawsuits after his YouTube vs TikTok event allegedly tanked. Shortly after this, Catherine announced she would be starting her own channel, aside from their already existing family page.

The social media star made the announcement on her Snapchat, saying: “I wish I could just sit here and talk to you guys about life. Like there’s just so much life going on in everyone’s world, just so much going on.” 

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Some of the topics that Catherine will be covering include: “God, purpose, spirit guides, life paths, and others.” As per her post, the YouTuber decided to make a separate channel as the content would be different to what they usually produce on their family channel.

Is the Ace family really falling apart?

In one of her Snapchat posts, Catherine was quick to rubbish these claims. The YouTube personality made it clear that Austin and she were doing fine despite reports suggesting they were facing multiple lawsuits.

At the same time, Catherine revealed she had been planning on making her own channel for years but wasn’t able to do so as her attention was on her children.

Catherine and Austin are proud parents to Elle Lively McBroom, Alaïa Marie McBroom, and Steel McBroom.

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What has Austin McBroom said about the lawsuits?

In a recent interview, Austin revealed that Social Gloves had sued LiveXLive.

He said: “For the past couple of weeks I had been used as a punching bag and I have been having to bite my tongue for several reasons. One of the reasons was that I didn’t want to be sued, but now that lawsuit is filed against LiveXLive, Social Gloves is suing LiveXLive for several reasons.”

He further explained that it was because LiveXLive was “holding on to the money” and had not paid “Social Gloves a penny.” So far, there hasn’t been an update from Austin about the situation.

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