Dr. Dan Stock has gone viral online after speaking to the Mount Vernon School Board this week.

The clip has had a staggering three million views on Twitter, and his claims about the pandemic have divided the internet.

But who is this new ‘doctor’ of online fame and what are his credentials?

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Who is Dr. Dan Stock?

Dan Stock is a verified doctor from Indiana with 33 years of experience, having first graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine in 1988.

He describes himself as a “functional family medicine physician” and claims he is “specially trained in immunology and inflammation regulation”.

As per Google, he currently works at PureHealth Functional Medicine in Noblesville, Indiana, and his LinkedIn bio reads:

“Experienced Family Physician with functional/integrative medicine training and interest. 30+ years of family medicine practice, no longer affiliated with 3rd party payment systems, so that I can provide the highest degree of advice driven by in-depth biochemical and anatomic analysis, not protocols. My interest is in the biochemical difference between the patient when healthy and when sick, and the fastest/least expensive path from illness to health as the patient defines it.”

Dr Dan Stock via PureHealth Functional Family Medicine on YouTube

There are mixed reviews from patients who claim they have been seen by Daniel, with a 4.2/5 stars rating on Vitals.com out of 18 reviews. Only two reviews have comments, however, and they both read negatively with 1-star ratings:

One review from 2019 mentioned: “Beware he has had a prior malpractice case against him and his opinion is not looked upon very highly.”

The malpractice mentioned in the above comment can be backed by a published Indiana court record from 2006. The court order states that Dr. Daniel Stock “breached his duty of care to one Violet Huggins by failing to act with the degree of skill possessed and exercised by a reasonably careful, skillful and prudent practitioner of general practice/family practice medicine treating such maladies under the same or similar circumstances” over the year’s 1997-1998.

In conclusion of the court document, a judgment of $774,000 plus costs of this action was awarded in favour of one Huggins due to Dr. Stock’s “negligence and carelessness”.

Cinderella – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Cinderella – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Dan Stock goes viral speaking to Mount Vernon School Board

The Indiana doctor has hit headlines this week after he spoke about Covid-19 at the Mount Vernon School Board.

In the six-minute clip, Dan gives his opinion that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is giving counterproductive advice about the pandemic.