On Monday, August 9 many fans took to Twitter and claimed that Kid Cudi’s Instagram had gone missing.

The 37-year-old rapper has been making headlines lately thanks to his collab with Kanye West on Donda. Kid Cudi whose full name is Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi has lately been very active on Twitter as well lately. His latest tweets feature some inspiring quotes for his fans. He has also revealed details about his collab with Kanye in some of them.

However, yesterday, many fans were baffled when they couldn’t find him on Instagram.

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Kid Cudi’s Instagram has disappeared

For those still confused, the rapper’s Insta account has really disappeared. If you go on the social networking app and type Kid Cudi, only fan accounts appear in search results.

On the other hand, if you type Kid Cudi’s Instagram on Google, the first search result shows his Insta profile Willis (@kidcudi). But if you click on the displayed profile, you will land on an Insta page that says “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

At the moment the Just What I Am singer has not revealed why his Instagram account has gone amiss. His latest tweets feature motivational quotes and stunning sunset pictures instead. However, fans are speculating that perhaps he chose to deactivate it for some reason.

Fans react to rapper’s missing account

Kid Cudi’s fans came up with some interesting theories about why his Instagram had gone missing.

Some speculated that he might have deactivated it due to people bullying him for his nails and fashion choices. Other’s believe he did it because too many fans were asking questions about Kanye’s upcoming album Donda and his collab for the same.

Donda collab with Kanye explored

Kanye has kept his fans on the edge of their seats when it comes to Donda’s release. Is it coming out today, is it releasing tomorrow no one knows for sure. The album has been delayed over 3 times now.

However, Kanye is unveiling more details about it as days pass. Recently fans learned that Kid Cudi will also be a part of Ye’s next release. It seems like the Donda rapper is making last-minute preparations for his album’s release.

Kid Cudi reacted to clips from Kanye’s recent live streaming event. The snippets featured the artists’ collab song from the album.

In his tweet, Kid Cudi reacted to these clips saying, “Haven’t heard the final this is new to me too!!” He later clarified that he was aware of being in the album, just hadn’t heard the final track for the pair’s song.

The song is reportedly titled “Moon this Time” and features vocals from both Don Tolliver, and Kid Cudi. Fans are swooning over the track already.

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