2021 brought fans ‘Urban Legends’ a short comic series that focuses on Batman’s family, side characters and supporting cast. The latest issues see Robin reassessing his life, leading fans to ask “is Tim Drake bisexual?”.

Rumours are floating that Batman: Urban Legends has revealed in some panels that Tim Drake (Red Robin) is bisexual. The new comic was introduced in March 2021 and is releasing its 6th and final issue on 10th August 2021.

The final issue follows Tim in the den of chaos monsters along with other kidnapped teens as he tries to find a way out for all of them. The synopsis for this issue is “Tim will have to embrace help from his friend Bernard and hear something about himself he never knew”. Please note: This article contains spoilers!

Is Tim Drake bisexual?

Please note: This article contains spoilers!

  • To sum it up, yes. It has been heavily inferred in the DC canon material that Tim Drake is bisexual. However, DC have not put out an announcement to say this is the case. Here is a breakdown of how DC led up to the big reveal and why HITC believe this is the case:

In issue #4 of Batman: Urban Legends, Tim Drake can be seen talking to Oracle as he reassesses his life. Through the panels, Oracle is giving him life advice and he says “stop talking about my ex” showing that he broke up with Stephanie Brown.

He goes to see an “old friend” in the next panels he is seen dressed up and he says to himself “why am I so nervous? It’s fine, you haven’t seen him in a while but he’s still the same guy”, just then Bernard Dowd appears and Tim thinks to himself “It feels like it’s been years but he still looks…He looks…” and it isn’t made clear what he is thinking but this panel shows a lot of subtext, being the first indication of Tim Drakes sexuality.

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As the two catch up, Tim opens up to Bernard which is obvious to readers that he has opened up more than with Barbara (Oracle). The end of the panel shows Tim get knocked out by the Chaos Monster and his last thought is about Bernard.

Issue #5 sees less of the subtext behind Red Robin and focuses more on Batman, Red Hood and Mr Freeze though fans do see Red Robin questioning himself.

Issue #6 shows Bernard and Tim Drake dressed as Robin, as they fight their way out of the Den, during this panel is when it is confirmed by Bernard that the two were in fact on a date. Tim shows some confusion about his feelings but says he is open to figuring them out. The final panel showed Bernard ask Tim if he wants to go on a date and Tim replied “Yeah…Yeah, I think I want that”. Confirming that he is open to exploring his sexuality.

Fans can purchase the comics from entertainment retailers such as Forbidden Planet who have 9 store locations in the UK and worldwide. Fans can now purchase all 6 comics in-store or online from them for prices starting between £5.40-£7.20, for single issues. WHSmith and Amazon sell issues online for between £15.99-£18.

Tim Drake/Red Robin backstory

Tim Drake (Tim Wayne) is the third Robin in the Batman comics, otherwise known as ‘Red Robin’. The caped crusader first appeared in Batman #436 in 1989. He ties into Dick Graysons arc as, when he was a child, Tim went with his parents to see Grayson at the circus. The two first met there and Tim watched as Grayson was consoled by Bruce Wayne after his parent’s death.

When he grew older, Tim deduced that Grayson was Robin after seeing footage of him perform a move that only Grayson could do as an acrobat. After some time and a rescue mission to save Nightwing (Grayson) and Batman, he was brought into the fold, later taking on the identity of ‘Red Robin’.

Throughout the years, Batman and his sidekick’s sexualities have been endlessly questioned, due to the clothing, their behaviour and flamboyancy but while other characters were confirmed to be bisexual, Batman and Robin always remained somewhat of a mystery. Until Urban Legends issue #6, which will now be a monumental comic for the DC universe.

Twitter reacts to the news!

Fans on Twitter were elated to hear the news with many saying “we won”. For those of you that may not know ‘Canon’ is a term used to describe events, characters and settings that are considered official and genuine. Therefore, when you see many of these posts below refer to “Canon Bi Tim Drake” it is to say that is now an official part of the DC universe.

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