Splitgate is one of the most popular games at this moment in time and its crossplay status is fantastic news for newcomers.

The free to play multiplayer shooter was initially intended to launch on July 27th, but its beta has been extended with the full release now planned for a currently unannounced date in August. The reason its demo has been prolonged is because of how overwhelmed the servers are due to its sudden popularity.

If you haven’t played the game before but now want to see what all the Portal with guns hoopla is all about, the good news is that you can jump in with friends on any system.

Splitgate (2021): Announce Trailer

Splitgate (2021): Announce Trailer

Does Splitgate have cross platform multiplayer?

Splitgate does support crossplay and cross-platform multiplayer between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

It is also cross-generation meaning you can play with pals across PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X. The beta launched for all platforms on July 14th, and it’s likely that the inclusion of crossplay is partly to blame for the server problems.

You can turn the feature off on consoles, but this may lengthen your queue times.

How to turn off crossplay in Splitgate

You can only turn off crossplay and cross-platform multiplayer for Splitgate on a PlayStation or Xbox console.

Provided you’re on a PlayStation or Xbox system, all you need to do is venture into settings, select Privacy, and then uncheck the crossplay box.

It is not possible to disable the feature on PC as of writing. This has resulted in many complaints from fans on Reddit because of auto-aim and other factors.

Voice chat

There is cross-platform voice chat in the game, but it is not working as intended during the beta.

It seems to work fine in lobbies, but breaks as soon as matches begin. The game’s official Twitter account has said that they are aware of the issue and that a fix will be delivered, but nothing has materialised so far.

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