The August 9th episode of The Young and the Restless saw Sally and Tara’s scheme exposed, resulting in the fashion designer losing her job at JCV. With everyone against her, will Sally leave Genoa City?

*Warning: spoilers ahead*

Since her arrival on The Young and the Restless, Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) has taken her villainous schemes from The Bold and the Beautiful and into Genoa City. We knew from the get-go that Sally was going to inject some trouble into the story, filled with deception and her crafty ways, so it was only a matter of time until it all crashed down before her.

Now that her conniving antics have been revealed, it looks like Sally will have to start from scratch.

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A potential job offer is on the cards

  • It has not been confirmed on whether Sally Spectra will leave The Young and the Restless – neither CBS nor Courtney Hope have responded to fan assumptions but it is likely that she will remain.

Although her character is sly, soap fans have been commending Courtney for her flawless performance with the hopes of a new storyline and it looks like their prayers will get answered.

The preview for the week of August 9th reveals a possible job opportunity for Sally when she meets Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson).

Chloe remarks, “I can’t believe we haven’t met before” to which Sally replies with an interested yet devious expression, “Oh?” She’s definitely got a plan up her sleeve.

The Great Season 2 I Date Announcement

The Great Season 2 I Date Announcement

Goodbye Skyle!

With Sally fired and Tara jailed for embezzlement, Summer (Hunter King) and Kyle (Michael Mealor) can happily continue their relationship with no love obstacles and Summer can take Sally’s job, which Phyllis oh-so-hardly retrieved back.

However, we won’t be seeing the popular couple in Genoa City as Summer told her mother that they are settled in Italy; Kyle is prepared to work at Jabot Cosmetics remotely and Summer is satisfied with her job regardless of it being a setup to get her out of Sally’s way.

With the two actors not renewing their contracts, which Michael confirmed, we bid farewell to the couple who have endured a rollercoaster.

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