Twitter witnesses the craziest of trends on a daily basis. Today (August 9), yet another social media user has made the headlines for resembling WWE superstar and actor John Cena. 

The platform is flooded with posts and comments about “Black John Cena”, as they’ve hilariously noted that they can “see him”, referring to Cena’s debut studio album You Can’t See Me.

So, who is “Black John Cena” and why can’t Twitter stop talking about him?

Black John Cena sends Twitter into a tizzy!

The latest trend that has taken over Twitter began with a picture shared by Brendan Cobbina. 

The social media user, who goes by the handle @iamcobbina, posted a picture of himself with the caption: “Throwback to a photo. Yes, I cropped all of my close friends and kept myself!”

Internet users were quick to notice a striking resemblance between him and WWE wrestler, John Cena. Furthermore, a few of them shared a particular shot of Cena, sporting short hair and a body-hugging shirt, extremely similar to Brendan in his throwback picture. 

While it isn’t clear as to who came up with the term “Black John Cena”, Twitter users unanimously agreed to the fact that Brendan looks similar to the 12 Rounds actor. Soon, the platform was flooded with memes and comments referring to the latest viral trend. 

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Who is Brendan Cobbina?

His Twitter bio describes him as a “24. ‘Model’. Owner of OmegaMuscles. Bodybuilder. Coach.”

The 24-year-old was smart enough to make the most of the situation, even though he was surprised to see himself trending for his looks! 

Only a few hours ago, when Brendan realized he had become a hot topic of discussion on social media, he went on to share more details about himself, including his business. 

He wrote, “I’m an online personal trainer. Been training for all these years, finally has the qualifications, brand, and website. Got clients from all over the globe. Just haven’t touched South America. Anyways. Here’s the link. Check it out and see if you like”

Brendan went on to join other Twitter users to joke about the resemblance he shares with the actor. 

Funniest “Black John Cena” memes!

Now that you’re aware of who Black John Cena is and why social media users are going gaga over him, you ought to take a look at these hilarious memes.

Meanwhile, several users are waiting for the actor to acknowledge the latest trend and express his opinion on Brendan’s viral picture!

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