Since it first arrived on our screens in 1973, The Young and the Restless has seen countless characters come and go and it’s always a huge talking point when a character leaves or a new arrival makes their first appearance.

The fate of Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott has been up in the air for several weeks on Y&R after the pair moved to Milan as matters in Genoa City became too much to bear.

Fans had hoped that the duo would return once things had settled down but August 9th’s episode has left fans asking “are Summer and Kyle leaving The Young and the Restless for good?”

Stranger Things 4 | Sneak Peek | Netflix

Stranger Things 4 | Sneak Peek | Netflix

What happened to Summer and Kyle?

Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman had been preparing to tie the knot on The Young and the Restless until an intervention from new arrival, Tara Locke.

Tara was introduced in March 2021 as the wife of Ashland Locke, but it was revealed that she and Kyle had an affair in New York which resulted in Tara becoming pregnant with Harrison.

The identity of the father was unclear at first but was later revealed to be Kyle.

Tara turned her attention to Summer and driving her away so that she could be with Kyle herself and blackmailed Summer into leaving Genoa City for Milan.

The dramatic turn of events came to a head in August when Summer’s mother, Phyllis, uncovered a string of dark deeds including the blackmail of Summer as well as Tara stealing money from her own company which led to her being arrested and taken back to New York.

At the beginning of August 9th’s episode, Phyllis boasts to Nick that Summer will now be able to come home to Genoa City.

However, Summer and Kyle have different plans.


Are Summer and Kyle leaving Y&R?

  • Yes, Summer and Kyle are leaving The Young and the Restless.

Not only have the characters left Genoa City, but actors Hunter King and Michael Mealor are set to leave the soap as well.

In the context of the show, Summer is enjoying her new job as a creative director for Marchetti and now that Kyle has moved to Milan with her, the pair realise that they’re happy where they are.

Kyle even reveals plans to run the Jabot Cosmetics company from Italy and even discusses the possibility of having Harrison come and live with him and Summer in Milan.

As well as the characters departing for Milan, actors Hunter King and Michael Mealor are set to bid farewell to Y&R as their contracts are coming to an end and negotiations to renew them ended in stalemate according to a Soap Opera Digest report that was referenced by Soap Opera Network.

The date of Summer and Kyle’s final appearance on The Young and the Restless has not been revealed but with the duo confirming their plans to stay in Milan, their days certainly seem numbered.

Although, with this being a soap opera, there’s nothing to stop the characters from returning later down the line.


The Young and the Restless continues every weekday on CBS.

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