Today (10th August) marks A-Level results day 2021. Whether you’re headed to University, starting a career, or taking a different approach, we’re celebrating with 13 relatable memes.

Congratulations to all A-Level students!

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Today marks A-Level results day

After two long years (plus being in the midst of a pandemic), A-Level students will finally receive grade results today.

For many, their grades will determine if they’re able to score a place at University. For others, their A-Levels will take them through their next venture as they step into full-time work.

We hope that you’re celebrating your massive achievement!

13 hilarious A-Level memes

In light of the occasion, students nationwide have taken to Twitter to share some side-splitting memes that every A-Level taker can relate to!

The nerve-wracking experience of opening the results…

That annual Jeremy Clarkson A-Level message

It definitely had us feeling this way!

We love these reactions

This dog is the embodiment of how we felt

Starting to get a little bit nervous!

The panic never goes away

Do you still have A-Levels to come?

Mood, honestly.

It’s tradition!

We’ve all been waiting for it…

You’ve got this!

Aaaaand finally…

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