The bodybuilding world is left with a void as John Meadows has passed away. The shocking news about his demise was announced on his official Facebook page. The fitness legend died at the age of 49. 

John, who was known by his nickname ‘Mountain Dog’ boasted a successful career in bodybuilding. Devastated fans have taken to Twitter to pay their condolences to John and his family on hearing about his sudden passing.

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What happened to John Meadows?

John passed away on August 8, 2021. While his family hasn’t revealed the cause of his death just yet, HITC can confirm via a statement on the family Facebook Page that John he passed away peacefully in his sleep.

“John passed away unexpectedly and peacefully in their home,” the statement read.

“As you can imagine, this is a complete shock to her (his wife, Mary) and the boys. She will update as soon as she can. Please know she is very thankful for all the prayers and support she knows her and the boys will receive from you all.” 

At the time of writing, it is unclear if his death is related to any previous health problems.

Last year, a post shared by his wife, Mary, revealed that John had suffered a heart attack.

“Potentially a clotting disorder with his blood,” was stated as the reason behind the attack. Mountain Dog had also opened up about his struggles with a rare colon disease in 2005.

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A look at John’s life and accomplishments 

John’s journey to success wasn’t an easy one. Having grown up in a poor family without his parents, the bodybuilder had to overcome several obstacles. He was raised by his grandmother.

He entered his first bodybuilding competition at the age of 13 in 1985 and eventually gained recognition by participating in various contests. 

However, the years that followed were further challenging for John as he lost his grandmother in 1999. While losing the closest family member bogged him down, in 2005, he was diagnosed with a serious colon disease, which made things even worse. 

John once nearly lost his life by bleeding to death when his colon burst.

Talking about the near-death experience, he said: “If I hadn’t been in the hospital, I wouldn’t have survived. They didn’t figure out what was really wrong until they did a biopsy. It was a vascular disease in a particular vein in the sigmoid part of my colon.”

He returned to bodybuilding two years after his surgery and went on to compete in national shows. He even secured the famous Pro Card and won first place at the NPC Universe in 2015.

Until recently, he continued to take part in bodybuilding contests across America. 

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Distraught fans mourn Mountain Dog’s death

John’s demise at the age of 49 has left his fans and followers devastated. Here’s how a few of them reacted to the sad news on Twitter.

One tweeted: “I’m absolutely f*****g decimated. Rest in peace John Meadows. One of the most down to earth, supportive, and overall wholesome motherf*****s to ever walk the planet. IFBB Pro, Legendary coach, loving father, revered man. @mountaindog1 forever a legend.”

Another wrote, “I was an avid follower of John Meadows. He taught me so much about what intensity in the gym truly looks and feels like – how to add variation to my workouts, push myself past failure, and how to maximize efficiency. I’m incredibly saddened to hear of his passing #Mountaindog”

“RIP john meadows man learnt so much from him. Gone too soon. Thanks for the gains,” wrote another.

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