Twitter has been buzzing with the news that Coldplay might be collaborating with BTS after Jin revealed that there will be a big announcement about a project with a foreign artist.

BTS and Coldplay have always admired each other and the two bands have been vocal about it. Since then, there have been ongoing rumorus about a highly-anticipated collaboration between the two bands.

Now, Jin from BTS has further fuelled the rumours following a picture that has gone viral on Twitter.

Jin’s interview sparks BTS X Coldplay collab rumors

In the latest news about the rumoured BTS x Coldplay collab, Jin has revealed that there will be a huge announcement with a “foreign artist” soon.

“I think it’s well known by now, but there will be an announcement about working with a foreign artist,” Jin said in a new interview (translated to English). “I’ve been a fan of them since I was young & Taehyung has taken a polaroid pic us together, which I keep on the back of my phone.”

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Eagle-eyed fans have managed to zoom in the polaroid picture and suspect that it might be of Chris Martin from Coldplay.

Moreover, Chris was previously questioned about the speculated collaboration during an interview on Valentine In The Morning back in May this year.

The radio host asked him: “I don’t know if you learned any [Korean] when you were in South Korea [but] maybe you bumped into a certain K-pop band named BTS? There’s a lot of rumours on the street.”

“There’s a glitch. He’s gone,” Chris joked, avoiding the question.

Check out the hilarious interview below.

The rumours come after Twitter users came across a post back in May that suggested Coldplay’s upcoming song My Universe lyrics shows “feat BTS.” At the same time, another picture showed that the song is part of Coldplay’s upcoming album Music Of The Spheres.

The track list notes My Universe Ft. BTS. Since then, people have been reacting to the news and fans cannot contain their excitement. Some websites like Match Lyrics, Exposed Lyrics, and others have already published the lyrics for Coldplay’s upcoming song.

However, the websites haven’t reported BTS’ part yet. Due to this, many seem to believe the rumors might be true.

What did Big Hit say about the rumours?

Following the ongoing rumours, a spokesperson for Big Hit Music has come forward with a short statement.

“It’s difficult to confirm,” they said on July 15th.

So as of now, neither BTS nor Coldplay has confirmed the news about their collab. However, there have been countless speculations that suggest the bands might be teaming up.

The speculation about the BTS X Coldplay collab first started in April 2021. It was reported that Chris was in Korea. Due to this, many thought that he might have come to talk to BTS about a possible collab.

Following this, the rumors seem to get more serious when fans noticed that BTS performed Coldplay’s Fix You during MTV Unplugged. In fact, the band even reacted to it by sharing the video on their official Twitter handle.

They wrote the caption: “아름다운” which means “beautiful” in Korean. At the same time, Coldplay recently praised BTS’ Butter. In a tweet which was made on May 27, the band listed some of the songs and movies that helped them through quarantine.

One of the songs on the list was Butter. Even though the bands have not confirmed if they are collaborating, their admiration for each other’s talent is remarkable.

Twitter reactions

Fans can’t hold their excitement about the potential collab and many have flooded the social media platform with their reactions.

“Big Hit didn’t confirm yet, but I hope it’s true,” said one fan.

“BTS will collab with Coldplay but BigHit said “it’s difficult to confirm”. But I said I’m 100% sure they will collab with BTS lmao,” reacted another one.

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