Now taken down by Nas Daily, an online course has stirred controversy after a relative of tattooist Apo Whang-od Oggay (Whang-od) stamped it as a scam.

The relative took to social media to call out Daily.

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What was the ‘Whang-od’ Academy

Supposedly priced at P750, the now taken-down course claimed to be taught by Filipino tattooist Apo Whang-od Oggay.

Centred around the 104-year-old tattooist’s methods and cultural aspect of her medium, the course reportedly promised that people could discover “all her rituals, tools, and methods for making traditional tattoos.”

Amid receiving backlash, vlogger Nas Daily has now taken down the academy.

Gracia Palicas stamps the course as a scam

Also a tattooist, Gracia Palicas apparently took to Facebook to caution the public that her grandmother never agreed to teach an online class.

Palicas wrote: “My grandmother did not sign any contract with @NasDaily to do any academy. PLEASE HELP US STOP this disrespect to the legacy of Apo Whang Od and the Butbot Tribe.”

Prior, Daily’s ‘Nas Academy’ website read: “The Nas Academy team had to travel two whole days to a remote village in the Philippines just to find her and bring this course to you.

“Now, you get a chance to learn from a living legend, preserve her legacy, and pass it on to future generations.”

The page is no longer available.

Shai Lagarde speaks out on Nas Daily

In the midst of the whole ordeal, GMA News journalist Shai Lagarde took to Twitter to speak out on Nas Daily.

Lagarde shared: “My friend’s family hosted him in their hometown bec he was looking to do more PH content. But the script he had imagined didn’t match what he saw there. So even if there was a good story to tell, he ended up throwing a tantrum and packing up.”

Read the thread below.

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