Twitter users inevitably have some strong opinions surrounding the new Trump Cards’, and now they’re spotting a huge spelling blunder. Have you found the misspelling yet?

The design concept for the card has already been compared to the ‘Third Reich’ eagle.

What is a ‘Trump Card’?

The concept is still in the works but, in short, the official ‘Trump Card’ is “reserved for President Trump’s STRONGEST supporters”, as per the fundraising email.

Reportedly, Trump asked for the opinion of American people, in terms of the card design, because “they ALWAYS know best!”

A fundraising email sent out on Wednesday read: “We’re about to launch our Official Trump Cards, which will be reserved for President Trump’s STRONGEST supporters, and we have some very exciting news to share with you.”

Although, proving devotion to the former president apparently comes at a cost. When receivers of the email chose a card design, they were then taken to a donations page where asked to contribute at least £35 to the political action committee.

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What did the ‘Trump Card’ misspell?

Awkwardly, one of the design concepts actually featured a typo!

One card read ‘offical’, as opposed to ‘official’ – Twitter users couldn’t be quicker to point out the error!

The card designs are only mock-ups, so we’re hoping that the real thing will feature the correct spelling…

Twitter in stitches over ‘official’ typo

Some users already thought that the card seemed like an odd concept. So, when the spelling error came to light, anti-Trump supporters were quick to call it out.

One person wrote: “On the one hand, I’m surprised it took them this long to make one. “Carrying a Trump card” was a conversational layup. On the other, anyone dumb enough to carry one of these probably would never even notice spelling issues anyways.”

Another joked: “The Trump Card with the “offical” spelling is really offal.”

Somebody else tweeted: “You know it is a real Trump card because of the spelling. Only the real Trump could be capable of screwing up something as simple as printing a card with everything spelled correctly.”

Did you spot it?

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