The FIFA 22 closed beta release date has leaked and the only way to get a code is to sign up for a possible invite.

There’s always a stigma that each football instalment is the same, but there are some notable improvements for this year’s iteration. Career Mode will finally let you create your own team, and you can also play as a woman for the very first time in Pro Clubs.

All of the above is fantastic, and – if you’re especially lucky – you may be able to sample these changes yourself in less than a week.

FIFA 22 | Official Career Mode Trailer

FIFA 22 | Official Career Mode Trailer

When does the FIFA 22 closed beta start?

The release date for when the FIFA 22 closed beta will start is August 11th.

FutZone report the above date and they are the number one source on Twitter for the EA franchise. They also claim that invites will be sent out during the August 7th and 8th weekend.

Playable modes for the very exclusive demo include the following:

  • Career Mode
  • Volta
  • Ultimate Team
  • Pro Clubs
  • Kick-off

Those who receive an invite will only have access to kick-off plus one of the above modes. Whether you play Career, Ultimate, Volta etc. is usually determined by which you’ve played the most in past entries.

How to get FIFA 22 beta

You can only get the FIFA 22 beta if you play on a PlayStation or Xbox console.

It’s also only possible to play the very restricted demo if you receive an invite and code from EA. The chances of receiving a code are slim, but – to have any chance – you need to perform the following steps on your EA account:

  • Proceed to Email preferences and check the box, Yes, email me about products, news…
  • Under preferred games, select FIFA 21, Ultimate Team, FIFA Mobile and more if you wish
  • Choose your preferred platform
  • Select update

In addition to needing a PlayStation or Xbox console, you also need to live in either the United Kingdom or United States.

Code activation

The lucky few who receive an invite on either August 7th or 8th will find their code in the email from EA. They will then need to redeem this key on either the PSN or Microsoft store depending on their platform.

PlayStation Game Size report on Twitter that the download size for the beta is 36.675 GB.

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