A day before the release of Kanye West’s 10th studio album ‘Donda’ releases (7th August 2021), people are talking about the ‘Donda Air Jordan 6’. Which could be one of the most expensive sneakers of all time…

Kanye West is well known as a rapper, producer, songwriter and holds many other titles as a modern-day Renaissance Man, one of these titles in his more recent years includes being a fashion designer.

In 2005, he became an icon for the fashion industry when he announced he would release a Pastelle clothing line for the Spring of 2006. Since then, he has continued to make a name for himself through his label DW Kanye West and collaboration with Adidas, leading to Yeezy, one of the most influential sneaker brands of all time. Now, he has founded a creative content company, named after his later mother Donda West. To coincide with this, sneakers that were meant to remain private have recently come to light and now fans are wondering about them.

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Donda Air Jordan 6: A tribute to Kanye West’s late mother

Though a fashion designer, West did not actually design the sneakers, instead the ‘Donda Air Jordan 6’ was created by Jason Mayden as a “token of condolence” for Kanye West, when he lost his mother in 2007. This was a result of complications following cosmetic surgery. They were produced a year after her passing with only 4 ever having been made.

A tribute to Donda West can be shown covering every inch of the shoe, inside and out. The shoe has a baroque design covering most of it with a floral laser graphic on the front and embroidered rose on the tongue. The insoles hold a subscription that says:

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“I Smile,

When roses come to see me,

And I can’t wait for a sunny day,

I’m seeing it through your eyes,

Can’t wait for the could to break,

Who brings the sunshine?”

The words are actually lyrics from West’s song ‘Roses‘ from his 2005 album ‘Late Registration’. The song was made to highlight his ailing grandmother’s hospitalisation at that time.

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Is the Donda Air Jordan 6 be the most expensive sneaker of all time?

The shoe was so extravagant that a collector purchased them from an undisclosed person, said to be close to Kanye West. When he purchased them he was made to sign an NDA, therefore is unable to clarify how much he spent on them.

Though the exclusivity of the shoe would hint toward a hefty sum, the shoe is not recognised as the most expensive sneaker at all time. Currently, the most expensive sneakers in the world are the Solid Gold OVO Air Jordans which sell for $2 million while the lower end of their exclusive shoes starts at $4,500 for the Air Jordan III OG. So, the Donda Air Jordan 6’s could be anywhere between this price. Estimating the shoes at thousands of dollars.

The buyer of the shoe is a Sneaker collector and content creator, though his name is not known he does have an Instagram account where he will be showing his remaining collection under the name of ‘Cltrcuration’.

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What do we know about the Donda album?

Donda is the upcoming 10th studio album by Kanye West and it is set to release on Saturday, 7th August 2021. The album was recorded in September 2018 and October 219-August 2021 in various locations including Island Sound in Honolulu, Bighorn Mountain Ranch in Cody, Wyoming and Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

The album is under GOOD Music and Def Jam with Kanye West, Digital Nas, 88 Keys, Gesaffelstein, Mike Dean and Wheezy having worked on it as producers.

In total the album will have 24 tracks, which will all be made available at the same time, this would be the first album in 2 years since he last released ‘Jesus is Born’ in 2019.

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