Trump has been slightly less prominent in mainstream media since the last election, but he’s dominating headlines once more with ‘Trump Cards’. Made for his ‘strongest supporters‘, people can’t help but recognise some “Third Reich” elements to them, judging by the design.

At the time of publishing, it hasn’t been confirmed as to what card-holders will be entitled to.

What are Trump Cards?

Former president Donald Trump is singling out his ‘strongest supporters’ by offering ‘official’ cards.

Details surrounding what the cards do and/or are for are lacking slightly, at the time of publishing. It seems as though the concept is still in the works.

As per Huffington Post, a fundraising email was sent out on Wednesday, asking receivers to choose their favourite design for the card.

Reportedly, Trump asked for the opinion of American people because “they ALWAYS know best!”

The email read: “We’re about to launch our Official Trump Cards, which will be reserved for President Trump’s STRONGEST supporters, and we have some very exciting news to share with you.”

Although, proving devotion to the former president apparently comes at a cost. When receivers of the email chose a card design, they were then taken to a donations page where asked to contribute at least £35 to the political action committee.

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Twitter compares Trump Cards to Third Reich eagle

It was pretty inevitable that Twitter would have some strong opinions surrounding Trump’s cards – not only on the concept, but also the design.

Social media users couldn’t help but liken the eagle design to that of the Third Reich eagle, relating to Nazi Germany.

The Third Reich eagle became a symbol of Nazi power. Although, in the States, the eagle represents the strength and freedom of America.

One user compared, writing: “He forgot the medallion on the bottom of his Trump Cards.”

Another wrote: “Oh yeah! That’s some American nazi iconography right there. Wow. Did he say “gimme something that just screams third reich”?”

Those on Twitter also couldn’t help but point out the spelling mistake on the card, reading ‘offical’ as opposed to ‘official’.

What do you think?

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