The Genshin Impact Yoimiya banner release date is near and its 4 stars characters have possibly been leaked.

Update 2.0 has been the best version yet thanks to the arrival of Inazuma and its princess, Ayaka. Although princess blue eyes was anticipated since miHoYo’s full launch last year, there are two entirely new heroines waiting in the shadows to steal her spotlight.

Whether you’re a fan of fireworks or someone who is in love with Lilypichu, your desires will be fulfilled in less than a week.

Character Teaser – “Yoimiya: The Queen of Summer on Narukami Island” | Genshin Impact

Character Teaser – “Yoimiya: The Queen of Summer on Narukami Island” | Genshin Impact

When does the Yoimiya banner come out in Genshin Impact?

The release date for when the Yoimiya banner will come out in Genshin Impact is August 10th.

This is when the Ayaka event wish will end meaning you only have a very limited amount of time left to win the princess and her fellow comrades: Ningguang, Yanfei, and Chongyun.

All three lasses are fantastic Geo, Pyro, and Cryo warriors, but Ayaka is the runway model everyone is bidding on as she’s new. She’s been an incredible introduction to Inazuma, but – like all anime waifus – her time as the object of everyone’s lust is coming up.


One of the confirmed 4 stars characters for the spotlight on Yoimiya is Sayu. She fills a similar role to Rosaria, only she’s voiced by Lilypichu and isn’t a very generous portrayal of nuns.

She’s also a pint-sized Ninja in training who fans have fallen in love with due to the tail and ears on her costume. Not only that, but she comes with the most adorable sleepy eyes as – just like all of us – she prefers sleeping rather than working.

Oh, and as if the above wasn’t enough, she’s also the first Anemo character to wield a claymore.

Yoimiya banner 4 stars character predictions

The leaked 4 stars characters for the Yoimiya banner in Genshin Impact are Diona and Xinyan.

Fans on Reddit had predicted Xinagling, Xingqiu, or Noelle, but the above leak comes courtesy of the usually reliable Sukuna on Twitter. Lots of people are disappointed by the absence of Xiangling, with travelers now hoping that she will reappear in update 2.1.

Just as a reminder, the above is simply a leak. We will update this article when the official announcement is made by miHoYo.

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