When Marvel dropped a teaser for episode one of What If…?, fans speculated the voice actor of Steve Rogers. Now that it has been released, the voice of Steve has been confirmed and he is pretty familiar.

Since Loki ended on July 14th 2021 with the introduction of a character that is touted to become pretty prevalent in the Marvel universe, we’ve been begging for something to fill that void.

Luckily, Marvel had been feeding us with hints of What If…? in the form of 30 second clips before its arrival on Wednesday, August 11.

What makes fans so excited for this series is the ultimate question of ‘what would happen if events didn’t occur the way they did?’

The very first episode of the animation begins exploring a world where Peggy Carter takes the super soldier serum rather than Steve. But as the world knows, Chris Evans has hung up his shield and will not voice his character.

So, who will be filling his shoes?

screenshot, YouTube – Marvel Entertainment

Josh Keaton is our new Steve Rogers

When the first teaser was released, loyal Marvel fans predicted that they heard Josh Keaton and they were certainly right – never doubt the Marvel fans!

Reddit user u/dow366 was convinced that it was the 42-year-old actor, “That’s Josh Keaton as Steve Rogers / Hydra Stomper”.

Even though Chris won’t be voicing, fans aren’t too concerned since they were impressed with what they’ve heard so far.

One tweeter said, “I’m so glad the voice actor kinda sounds like chris i’m so excited heheheheh”

Another commented, “also i know chris evans didn’t voice animated steve rogers but it kinda sounds like chris evans so”

It was definitely a good move to find an actor who sounded similar to Steve to make the series cohesive in the universe, otherwise the audience would be completely thrown off.

Ask The Question | Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Disney+

Ask The Question | Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Disney+

Steve Rogers sounds familiar?

Josh Keaton already has experience voicing heroes as he’s known as the voice of Peter Parker and Spider-Man in The CW animated series The Spectacular Spider-Man from 2008-2009.

His career for the wall-crawling hero continues in four Spider-Man video games and most recently, as several characters in Disney XD’s animation from 2017-2020.

As some fans mentioned on Twitter, Steve sounds like Josh Keaton aka Spider-Man, so perhaps the leak that went viral is true.

In April 2021, a photo of LEGO Marvel Minifigures hit the internet with one labelled as “Spider-Man (Steve Rogers)” sending fans into a frenzy of whether a storyline will show a new friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

It could possibly be true since we know we’ll see Peggy as Captain Britain soon, so perhaps that’s the reason why Josh Keaton is the new Steve Rogers.

Other names from the leak include:

Scarlet Witch – WandaVision
• White Vision – WandaVision
• Monica Rambeau – WandaVision
• Captain America (Sam Wilson) – The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
• Bucky Barnes – The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
• Loki (with Throg) – Loki
• Lady Loki – Loki
• Captain Britain (Peggy Carter) – What If…?
• Zombie Captain America – What If…?
• Star-Lord (T’Challa) – What If…?
• Thanos (Gamora) – What If…?

What If…? will stream on Disney+ from August 11, 2021.

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