The cheeky trio are back for their latest adventure and this time, they’re in Scotland. Crossing the entire country, the show has hit up several places including castles and a perilous road.

When you’re not able to travel, you can always count on The Grand Tour crew to whisk you away to the other side of the world. Not this time.

With COVID restrictions in place, the show’s usual international antics were interrupted, forcing the trio to stay in the UK. So swap the sun for constant drizzle, because the lads are discovering Scotland with their American cars.

What we didn’t expect were Jeremy, Richard and James to spend their nights like royalty in a couple Scottish castles – perhaps us viewers could do the same too?

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You can be royalty too

With two caravans down the drain, or more like toppled down the woods, and the remaining drenched in firetruck water, the hosts are left homeless.

Restricted from staying at hotels, they came up with the only solution appropriate for Scotland – hit up a castle for the night.

Ardverikie Estate, Kinloch Laggan, Newtonmore

The first castle they stayed at was Ardverikie Estate in Inverness-shire, a Victorian Gothic manor.

Historically used as a sporting estate, the building has been transformed available for events, filming, deer management and forestry. Visitors can only stay in the nearby Ardverikie Cottages – you are not allowed to stay inside the castle itself.

This isn’t its first small-screen appearance; renamed as the fictional “Glenbogle House”, the estate was used as the location for BBC series Monarch of the Glen.

screenshot , youtube – Ardverikie Estate

Duncraig Castle, Plockton

The second castle was Duncraig Castle, also known as where Richard and Jeremy drilled a plaque of US superstars Prince Harry and Meghan Markle into the side of James’ burgundy Cadillac.

A mansion located in Lochalsh, it is east of Plockton on the south shore of Loch Carron. Built in 1866, it belonged to the Matheson family, who designed it, until the 1920s.

After, it was sold to Sir Daniel Hamilton with the intention of using it as a school but due to WWII, it never materialised.

It was only till recently was the castle refurbished and reopened in 2021 as a bed and breakfast.

The bar in Hammondsburg is not real?

The trios destination was Mr Wilman’s American island, where their glossy American cars would feel right at home.

After putting in grueling hours to construct a plastic bridge, the chaps reach an island of North Uist renamed Hammondsburg – did Richard have a say in this?

With a smooth transition, viewers are transported from the middle of nowhere in Scotland to Shaw Leisure Park in Swindon, 629 miles away.

Decked with US flags, the leisure park houses ‘sports bar’, The Ridge Bar and Grill, where the Jeremy, Richard and James enjoy a pint of Tsingtao beer.

Manager Luke Jacobs had to keep a tight-lip about the show’s visit in November 2020 and since the episode’s airing, business has been booming for the restaurant.

“It was really cool but it was a very hard-kept secret! It’s quite exciting for us and great for the area, it’s put Swindon on the map.

With 5G on Jeremy’s phone, this definitely was not a quiet island off of Scotland.

The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown | Official Trailer | Prime Video

The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown | Official Trailer | Prime Video

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