Andre De Grasse scooped the gold medal in the 200-meter final. Here’s more about the Canadian sprinter and his wife Nia Ali.

The world of athletics is a fiercely competitive one but the close-knit community of athletes also harbours a romantic side.

Quite often, athletes will end up in relationships as the long amounts of time spent cooped up in athletes villages and training camps can lead to frequent close encounters with potential ‘interested parties’ shall we say.

That’s exactly the case for Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse and his wife Nia Ali.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Trailer – BBC

Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Trailer – BBC

Who is Andre De Grasse?

Andre De Grasse is one of Canada’s leading lights in the world of athletics.

In 2016, he earned bronze in the 100m behind Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin and picked up a silver medal in the 200m before he and his Canadian teammates were awarded bronze for the 4x100m relay after the US team were penalised for an illegal handover.

In the 2019 World Championships in Doha, Andre added another two medals to his collection with a 100m bronze and a 200m silver.

Andre made history at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after winning a gold medal at the 200-meter final. This was his best personal achievement and Canadian record time.

This has been Canada’s first gold medal in the 200m race since Percy Williams’ win in 1928.

Speaking about his win, Andre revealed how his wife’s achievements have inspired him to Olympic glory at the Tokyo Games.

“I was so happy for her (partner Nia Ali) when she won the World Championships in Doha, the first to bring home a gold medal, it really motivated me and inspired me, to see how hard she works, she’s a big inspiration to me,” he said.

“I’ve got to go out and do this for you and show I can bring a gold medal home too, I can’t wait to go home.”

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Who is Nia Ali?

Nia Ali is 32 years old and is one of the stars of the USA’s athletics team. She is a track and field athlete and specialises in 100m hurdles and heptathlon.

She has been competing at top level since 2013 and earned a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

At the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha, she earned the US one of 14 gold medals at the competition and with a lightning-fast run in the 100m hurdles on the competition’s final day.   

In a recent Instagram post, Nia candidly opened up about preparing for the 2019 Doha event after giving birth to her child.

“This photo of me nursing my newborn is solely about being a nursing mother during this time where nursing mothers aren’t able to have their babies with them in Tokyo at the Olympic Games. My 2 week old at the time was in the middle of newborn photos and woke up looking for food IMMEDIATELY!” she wrote.

“Full transparency, I’ve pumped in between track and weights, I’ve pumped in random places due to engorgement from being away from my child. I am no stranger to pumping, storing and shipping milk and I can assure you it is not something you want to do on the biggest stage of your career. My heart is with you all and I pray all is resolved in a timely manner. As parents we know how to adjust to the unexpected, so I’m hopeful Olympic moms will prevail through these tough times.”

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Their relationship explored

While it’s not clear exactly when the pair first started dating, Nia and Andre welcomed a child into the world in June 2018, so they had been seeing each other since at least September 2017.

The pair’s daughter is called Yuri and is Nia’s second child after she and fellow US athlete Michael Tinsley had a son a number of years prior.

Andre and Nia often appear on each others’ Instagram profiles.

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