Social media users are confused as Jake Paul has claimed in his latest TikTok video that he hooked up with Lil Nas X. With no history of dating rumors or a relationship between these two, fans have a lot of questions.

Jake has been making the headlines for his upcoming boxing match against Tyron Woodley. However, recently, the YouTuber left everyone in shock after he spilled some beans in his latest TikTok video. If you’re not caught up with what has happened, we have got you covered.


A lot of Ls but the last one is a huge W

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Jake Paul’s TikTok video explored

On August 3, Jake uploaded a TikTok video where he reflected on his past. The video shows the YouTuber performing his usual day-to-day tasks as he is suddenly hit by reality and recalls events he is not too proud of.

The first thing on his list is “fired by Disney.” He followed that up with: “Got raided by the FBI, jumped by Floyd Mayweather, fake married a sloth, my brother faked my ex, started dating a boobie model and hooked up with Lil Nas X.”

It looks like Jake waited to save the most shocking one for the last. Within seconds, fans reacted to the video, and now, it has over two million views.

YouTuber claims he hooked up with Lil Nas X

Fans are confused if Jake was really serious about his final revelation. In the past, Jake and Lil Nas X have never been linked together. In fact, the two haven’t even been spotted together. However, the younger Paul brother does follow the rapper on his Instagram.

At the moment, Lil Nas X does not follow Jake. Despite this, fans are convinced the YouTuber might be telling the truth as his other statements stand to be true. As of now, Lil Nas X has not commented on this.

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Fans react to new video

Jake’s video has already clocked millions of views, and fans cannot stop reacting to it.

One user wrote: “Lil Nas X has some explaining to do,” while another added: “WTH was the last one.”

Meanwhile, another user tweeted: “Lmao, the last one better be a joke.”

On the other hand, there were some Tana Mongeau fans who were not happy that she was referred to as a “sloth” in Jake’s video.

One user wrote: “You didn’t have to do Tana like that,” before another tweeted: “He’s always been mean to Tana so this is expected of him.”

Tana and Jake had a fake wedding in 2019. However, for a long time, the pair claimed they were married for real. It wasn’t until 2020 that Jake came forward and admitted that the whole thing was fake.

While we know Tana and Jake were never a couple, we are waiting for more details about Jake and Lil Nas X’s relationship!

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