Outer Banks’ episode 2 of season 2 ended with a car chase between Sarah, John B and Ward’s escort but the final seconds revealed Sarah’s gunshot wound. So who was responsible for her injury?


Definitely an ‘OMG’ moment right there.

When it seemed like Sarah and John B successfully took over Ward’s gold-carrying truck, the characters did not actually escape fully intact.

The writers left viewers on a cliffhanger when it was revealed that Sarah was *gasp* shot near her stomach.

So, who was the gunman and is this the end of protagonist Sarah?

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How did Sarah get shot? A Cliffhanger recap

After Ward and Rafe secure the gold, they attempt to escape with their escort in front but they drive straight into a board of pins, a trap set up by children, and end up bursting a tyre.

The duo are forced to press on with their journey alone to which they are intercepted by cargo ship captain Terrance (Terence Rosemore) and worker Cleo (Carlacia Grant).

Disguised as road construction workers, they hold the duo at gunpoint while John B and Sarah are hiding among the field crops.

The young couple make a run towards the truck but her father and brother spot her and are shocked that she’s still alive. As he begins to sob, Ward tries to approach Sarah, but he is restricted by Terrance.

John B warns Ward to stay back and pulls out his gun, which is met by Rafe pointing his gun at John.

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Did Rafe shoot Sarah?

  • Yes…and no. Rafe was the one holding the gun but he was aiming for John B because John was threatening his father. The bullet only hit Sarah because Cleo was attempting to take his gun and knocked his arm into a different direction.

Does Sarah die though? Again, yes…and no.

After surgery, her monitor flatlines and John B desperately attempts to resuscitate her to no success. But it seems like the magic words of “I love you” brings Sarah back to life when her monitor begins to beep again – kind of like a Disney princess movie and the kiss of life.

We think the shooting occurred to simply bring in a shock factor, rather than contributing something significant to the story. Unless her injury will have some repercussions in later seasons.

But for now, Sarah is surprisingly able to spring back to life and resume their mission.

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