The season 2 finale of Outer Banks left fans on yet another cliffhanger with the character reveal in the final seconds of the episode. So who is the big uncovering and how does it set up John B in in season 3?


The final episode of season 2 of teen drama Outer Banks is showdown between the Pogue teenagers versus the adult Kooks as they attempt to escape with the golden cross in a lifeboat.

It reveals that family no longer meant anything for Ward when he tied Sarah down and then attempted to strangle her when she was escaping from the cargo ship.

Thankfully, John B came to the rescue and coincidentally injured him the same way Ward wounded his father. He really should’ve done the same by pushing him off the boat, rather than letting him get rescued by the rest of his team.

Although the teens didn’t manage to retrieve the gold cross, they still have a shot particularly with the big reveal at the end.

So who is the man that will give the teens a glimpse of hope?

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Who is the guy in the final scene?

  • The man is Big John aka John B’s father, who was presumed to be dead in season 1 after Ward tossed his injured body into the sea.

The plot twist was revealed when Limbrey visits the house of a Bajan man, who says Big John has been “half dead for a long time.”

John agrees to help Limbrey find the Shroud of Turin if she helps his son, John B.

What happened to Big John?

Back in season 1, Ward and John were allies looking for the Royal Merchant, a shipwreck carrying $400 million. But their friendship turned sour when they believed they found the treasure and Big John proposed they split 80:20 for legal assurances.

Ward ends up pushing John onto the edge of the boat causing a large cut at the back of his head.

With a ‘every man for himself’ mentality, Ward dumps the bleeding body into the ocean and it is later revealed that John is barely surviving on an island.

He is shown etching “Redfield” onto his family heirloom compass ready for John B to find. This is the last we see of Big John before he passes out and his ‘body’ is discovered by Sheriff Peterkin (Adina Porter).

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

This means that the skeleton hand found next to his compass on the beach was never Big John’s and the sheriff never actually saw the body herself. Therefore, the skeleton would’ve belonged to someone else and it was an ploy to fabricate his death.

Speaking about Big John’s return, producers Jonas and Josh Pate said:

“We knew we had that card. We didn’t know that we would play it for sure, but around the sixth or seventh episode, when we were writing this year, we started to realize maybe we could do that.”

“The treasure-hunt aspect of the show is something that we see as important and integral to the show, and bringing him back, we realized maybe there was a way to [combine] these different treasures that they’re going after into a larger mythology.”

What does the future hold for John B?

When John B is on the brink of shoving an injured Ward off the cargo ship, he sobs, “Is this how you did it? Is this how you killed my father? I never got to say goodbye. Because of you.”

The audience is reminded how the teen is still mourning the death of his father and with his return, season 3 is going to get real emotion of John B.

It’s likely that we’ll get to see the father-son relationship develop but they may possibly get torn apart if Big John doesn’t trust Sarah, seeing as she is or was a Kook and is the daughter of his murderer.

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