The season 2 finale of Outer Banks sees the Pogue teens on a mission to retrieve the gold cross against Sarah’s family and their squad. Were they victorious?


Season 2 continues the journey of John B and Sarah as they attempt to find the golden cross of Santo Domingo, with a value of $400 million.

With their rivals being Sarah’s Kooks father and brother, Wade and Rafe, we see time and time again the teens managing to survive due to the nature of their relationship.

The teen has been stuck in the middle at times, especially during season 2 episode 2, where she is accidentally shot by her own brother.

Rafe wasn’t aiming for her, but with guns in a heated situation between her family and boyfriend, it was hard for anyone to walk away from the scene unharmed.

The intense mission for the gold cross concludes in the last episode, leaving us with the final question: who got the gold? The Pogues or the Kooks?

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The Kooks get richer

As if the Kooks are not wealthy enough, add $400 million to their bank account.

  • Yes, after a narrow fight the teens lose the treasure after Rafe saves the cross from dropping into the ocean.

It was looking bright for the Pogues when Pope took control of the crane and lifted the gold cross out of its giant crate.

But soon, the captured captain and crew are freed by Eberhimi and make their way up towards the deck, where Cleo is helping Pope move the cross.

With no protection against armed men, Pope orders Cleo to let go of the rope and jump overboard before she gets shot. As his final resort, he releases the cross into ocean while whispering, “If we can’t have it, no one can.”

Thankfully for the Kooks (but not for the Pogues), Rafe notices Pope’s plan and sprints towards the rope before it disappears overboard.

Acting as an anchor, the gold ornament pulls Rafe to the edge of the ship and if this was real life, he definitely would’ve been pulled off the boat by now. I mean, it’s real gold and a standard gold bar weighs 12.4 kg or 27.4 pounds!

Brand New Cherry Flavor: Limited Series | Official Trailer | Netflix

Brand New Cherry Flavor: Limited Series | Official Trailer | Netflix

Will the Pogues get the gold cross back?

We definitely think the teens will launch into another mission to retrieve the cross, especially after Pope learned his identity as a descendent of Denmark Tanny, an enslaved citizen on the Royal Merchant ship that carried the gold.

After the ship was defeated by the weather in 1641, Denmark was the sole survivor and bought his freedom with the treasure.

With a personal connection, it probably won’t be the last attempt by Pope.

The final scenes also showed the return of John B’s father, Big John, who we know was looking for the gold in season 1 flashbacks. So, with more help from him, there’s no way the teens won’t challenge the Cameron’s again.

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