*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Vault*

The heist movie has been one of the most popular genres in the world of cinema for decades and a new entry always attracts plenty of attention.

Released in 2021, The Vault is one of the newest arrivals in the heist genre and sees a crew of master thieves pull off a job during the 2010 World Cup final.

However, as ever in a heist movie, there are twists, turns and double-crosses aplenty, meaning the ending of The Vault has left fans with plenty of questions and needs to be explained.

The Vault | Official Trailer | Paramount Movies

The Vault | Official Trailer | Paramount Movies

The Vault: Release date and plot

After first hitting screens earlier in 2021, The Vault (also known as Way Down in some regions) arrived on Netflix in the US on July 31st.

Starring Freddie Highmore, Famke Janssen and Liam Cunnigham, The Vault tells the globe-trotting story of a young genius and budding engineer, Thom, who is hired to break into the apparently impenetrable vault that lies beneath the Bank of Spain.

Set during the 2010 World Cup, Thom has been hired by a man named Walter who is attempting to recover the lost treasure of legendary sailor Sir Francis Drake and must steal three coins from the Bank of Spain’s vault that hold the secret to the treasure’s hidden location.

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The Vault’s ending explained

After much of the film details the crew’s planning stages, The Vault’s final act is kicked into gear on the night of the 2010 World Cup final as Spain take on the Netherlands in a match watched by millions all over the world.

The final proves to be the ultimate distraction as the heist crew is met with little resistance as they break into the vault.

However, once inside, they quickly learn that the bank’s guards have been alerted to their presence and the vault’s safety feature, its ability to flood and drown any intruders, is activated.

Matters are complicated further when James, a member of the crew, double-crosses Thom and Lorraine, the light-fingered third member of the crew infiltrating the vault.

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James appears to escape from the vault unharmed and seems to have got away with the coins that will lead to Sir Francis Drake’s treasure.

After a moment of panic, Thom figures out a way for himself and Lorraine to escape and the pair flee into the crowd watching the World Cup final, evading the pursuing guards in the process as Andres Iniesta scores the all-important goal to win the match for Spain.

Believing to have secured the key to an untold fortune, James takes the coins to Margaret, an old friend of Walter’s, and they have the coins examined by a specialist who can work out the coordinates of the treasure using inscriptions on the coins.

However, when the coordinates point to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Margaret knows she’s been played as the location was a running joke between her and Walter.

In reality, the coins are back with Walter and the crew as light-fingered Lorraine managed to switch the real coins for a trio of fake ones that Walter had produced as he suspected foul play from the beginning.

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Setting up a sequel?

The film ends with the gang learning the true location of Sir Francis Drake’s treasure, it is hidden under the Bank of England, an equally impregnable fortress.

However, as The Vault’s ending scene shows, Walter and his crew have set up another heist, this time taking place during the London Olympics in 2012 in an attempt to finally secure the treasure.

We don’t see if Walter and the crew succeed in finding Sir Francis Drake’s treasure so there’s certainly room to explore there in a potential sequel if one was to be given the green light.

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The Vault is available to stream now on Netflix in the US after arriving on the streaming service on July 31st, 2021.

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