Singer Mabel may usually be hitting the music charts, but tonight she’s heading into the Love Island villa to throw the Islanders a party.

Amongst all the firepit gathering and pulling each other for a chat, Mabel has arrived to bring some music and fun to the August 3rd episode.

She has left some regular viewers confused, after she shared a video announcing that she is the new bombshell who could turn heads.

The main question is whether Mabel has a boyfriend, or whether she could genuinely be on the lookout for a new match – just like the contestants.

Does Mabel have a boyfriend?

  • No, the singer is newly single

Mabel is heading into the villa following a recent break-up.

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She has split from ex-boyfriend and actor Rome Flynn for a second time.

Their relationship reportedly faced serious challenges, despite the fact they had reconnected again while she made music in Los Angeles.

Rome revealed on social media last week that he is now single – the week before Mabel is going into the Love Island villa.

Is Mabel on Love Island?

  • Yes, but not as a contestant

Some viewers were beginning to wonder if singer Mabel was actually entering the villa as a contestant.

However, she is the pick this year for the Spotify party, which involves a music artist each year heading into the villa to perform for the Islanders.

She jokingly said that she is the new “bombshell”, which is what narrator Ian Stirling calls the newbies who enter to cause a stir, or ‘turn heads’.

So no, Mabel won’t be going in there to try and do the same, but is in fact just giving them a much-needed performance post-Casa Amor.

Mabel: Singer’s dating history

Mabel and Rome were seeing each other in 2020, before splitting six months later. Then, they reconnected in April, when they were able to travel again.

They had a long-distance relationship, as he lived in the USA while Mabel’s home turf is based in the UK.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Mabel has not been in touch with him for over a month, and they are both now single.

In the past, Mabel has used her music to address an ex-boyfriend, such as the 2019 hit Don’t Call Me Up, which is all about having her heart broken.

The track did not go ignored, as he actually contacted her to ask about it.

And in February 2020, the musician also wrote the song Boyfriend. Two years before, Mabel was romantically linked to actor Robert Pattinson.

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