Every now and then, social media apps crash or stop working for one reason or another. Today, August 2, several Instagram users across the US and UK took to Twitter to complain about the photo-sharing app ‘limiting’ their activities. 

So, you aren’t the only one to be facing this issue. Several other users have expressed their frustration about the “we limit how often you can do certain things” error on the Instagram app.

Why is the app not working?

Instagram is yet to address the outage on its platform. While the actual reason for the latest glitch is yet to be known, the error that’s popping on your screen isn’t new. It is very likely that the app could be down due to a bug or a technical issue, a problem users have faced in the past. 

Several Instagram users have claimed on Twitter that they’re not able to view the stories on their feed. A few others are apparently being hit with a blank screen if they try to navigate through the app.

Here’s the message Instagram users are receiving: “We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake?”

What the error means and how to fix it 

Basically, Instagram restricts certain activities that come across as spamming. This could be caused by a bot, or if you have too many users or if you liked a large number of posts in a short period of time. 

Instagram constantly looks for bots, and at times, human interactions are mistaken for bots. However, it is yet to be determined if this has anything to do with the latest issue on the app. 

Instagram has previously limited or restricted activities for its users while showing the exact same message. Here are a few ways you could try to fix your app. 

  • Limit your daily activities and try to like only a certain number of posts or follow a limited number of users. If the error pops up when you try to like a post, click on the “tell us” button, fill the information form and wait for a few days. 
  • A few Instagram users have noted that clearing any links from their bio has fixed the glitch. That could be worth a try as well. 
  • If you are a business owner or an influencer trying to use bots to manage your account, you might want to reconsider it. 
  • Log out of your IG account and log back in. If the issue still persists, reach out to the Instagram support team through Email. 

Twitter users react to Instagram being down 

A large number of Instagram users have surfaced on Twitter to discuss the latest issue on the app. While some complained about social media apps crashing too often, others used the opportunity to circulate memes for a good laugh.

One tweeted, “#instagramdown ok what the actual heck is going on. First tiktok then snapchat now instagram. Yall got dome explaining to do. Back with my homie twitter ig.”

Another added, “Yoo first Snapchat started glitching then Instagram started glitching. So tiktok you better not be next”

“Instagram is down. Let’s go baby lmao,” tweeted another.

Instagram – Community Voices – Rollettes

Instagram – Community Voices – Rollettes

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