On August 2, memes flooded across Twitter after it was reported that Instagram was down. Users came across a message on the app that read: “Try again later, We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram.”

This is not the first time the social media app has experienced problems. Some users are losing patience over this glitch, while others are using this opportunity to produce some hilarious memes. As of now, Instagram has not commented on the reason behind the error.

Instagram – Community Voices – Chub Rollz

Instagram – Community Voices – Chub Rollz

Can this problem be fixed?

As per some Twitter users, a quick update of the app solved the issue. Even though Instagram has not asked users to do so, judging by people’s comments, it might be worth a shot.

Most bugs on any app are usually fixed through a quick update. While we cannot guarantee it will work for you, some users have suggested that all the issues on the social media app disappeared once they updated it.

Twitter reacts to the ‘We limit certain things’ message with memes

If you’re one of those people who are still experiencing the problem, we suggest you go through these hilarious memes as Instagram solves the issue!

Is Instagram making any changes to the app?

On July 22, Instagram head Adam Mosseri revealed they had been testing a ‘limit tool.’ As per Forbes, this feature would allow people to temporarily “lock down” their accounts when they are facing abusive comments.

This change comes after Black soccer players from the England national team were harassed with racist comments after their loss to Italy in the final of the European Championship.

Adam said: “We’ve got more to do on both fronts — more to do to prevent racism and hate speech from being spread on the platform in the first place and more to do to build tools that allow the targets of that kind of horrible activity to defend themselves.”

At the moment, it is unclear if this is related to the problem that several users are currently facing on the app.

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