Blac Chyna has gotten herself embroiled in a new controversy for her latest tweet, in which she has claimed that Tyga “loves trans”. 

Tyga’s baby mama’s tweet has garnered a lot of reaction on the social media platform, and fans have had a go at her for calling out her former lover. 

Blac Chyna wants Tyga to “Tell the truth”

Blac’s latest post on Twitter has left many fans confused. While some are asking if her account was hacked, others are wondering what the motive behind her problematic tweets was. 

On August 2, Blac tweeted: “Tyga loves Trans, me 2”. The tweet soon went viral, getting over 4,000 retweets and more than 2,800 likes in less than three hours.

However, it didn’t stop with just one tweet. Blac quickly shared another post, which read: “Tell the truth Tyga!!!!”

Tyga is yet to respond to Blac’s claims.

Model’s “trans” tweet lands her in trouble 

It is unclear why Blac chose to go out of her way and tweet the above, but she has certainly managed to annoy a few Twitter users.

Several fans have criticized Blac for being “openly transphobic”. Many have branded her “ignorant” for speaking so casually about transgenders, as it doesn’t send the right message to her followers. 

One user tweeted: “What’s really funny about Blac Chyna being openly transphobic in a feeble attempt to embarrass Tyga is the fact that nobody cares enough about her to “cancel” her.”

Another added: “You do realize how ignorant you sound. Infertile women exist too. Being able to have kids does not define a woman. Just say you’re transphobic and move along, stop using this to fit your narrative”

“Damn, now @BLACCHYNA is transphobic! Today is not a good day for celebrities with opinions,” said another.

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Where are Tyga and Blac now?

Blac and Tyga split in 2014 after dating for a couple of years. They share an 8-year-old son, King Cairo.

Tyga dated Kylie Jenner following his breakup with Blac. However, the rapper and the youngest Kardashian broke up in 2017.

Although Blac’s latest tweet has a high chance of re-igniting the drama between the former couple, the two seem to be busy with their own lives. While Tyga released his new single ‘Mrs Bubblegum’ last week, Blac recently dropped her single, ‘Thick’.

It will be interesting to see if Tyga responds to Blac’s comments anytime soon.

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