The popular K-drama was delayed for its 80th episode as the series broadcasts weekly on Mondays. Now everyone is wondering when it will return.

Be My Dream Family, otherwise known as Even if I’m Deceived, I’m Dreaming, is a South Korean television series written by Yeo Myung-jae and directed by Kim Jeong-gyoo.

The series was first released on 29th March 2021 and has been going strong ever since, creeping its way up to its 80th episode. As it stands, the show currently sits at 8.0 on My Drama List and is highly popular with thousands of viewers. The last episodes release was delayed as a result of an outbreak of Covid-19 amongst the actors on set as well as the broadcasting of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics clashing with the series, therefore it was pushed back a few days.

So, when will it release?

Be My Dream Family: Episode 80 Release date and time confirmed

Be My Dream Family will be resuming broadcasting on Thursday 5th August 2021 with episode 80 at 8:30 PM local time. The release date and time has been confirmed by original broadcasters KBS. The series will resume regular broadcasting on Mondays as of the following week. This means international fans will be able to watch the episode a few days later on Monday, 9th August 2021 at 8:30 PM KST.

Based on this, the rest of the world should be able to watch it at the following times:

  • Pacific time: 4:30 AM on Monday, 9th August 2021.
  • Central time: 6:30 AM on Monday, 9th August 2021.
  • Eastern time: 7:30 AM on Monday, 9th August 2021.
  • British time: 12:30 PM on Monday, 9th August 2021.
  • Central European time: 1:30 PM on Monday, 9th August 2021.
  • Pakistani time: 4:30 PM on Monday, 9th August 2021.
  • India time: 5 PM on Monday, 9th August 2021.
  • Australia time: 9 PM on Monday, 9th August 2021.

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Be My Dream FamilyㅣTeaser Trailer

Be My Dream FamilyㅣTeaser Trailer

Cast for Be My Dream Family

The cast for Be My Dream Family is as follows:

  • Choi Jung-woo as Geum Jong-hwa.
  • Park Joon-geum as Kang Mo-ran.
  • Wang Ji-hye as Han Geu-roo.
  • Hahm Eun-jung as Han Da-bal.
  • Joo Ah-reum as Min Ga-eun.
  • Ryu Jin as Geum Sang-baek.
  • Park Tam-hee as In Young-hye.
  • Im Hyung-joon as Geum Sang-goo.
  • Yoon Hae-young as Oh Min-hee.
  • Lee Tae-gu as Geum Sang-min.
  • Kim In-yi as Geum Min-ah.

More about the cast of the series as well as the crew can be seen here.

How to watch the series explained

The series is shown on its original network (KBS) as well as multiple online platforms for viewers across the world.

International fans can catch up with the series on Viki as well as Kocowa. To stream Viki’s content, you need a subscription which costs $2.99 a month. Prices can vary depending on the plan you choose.

Viki is available to use through multiple platforms and devices as long as you have a subscription with them. The streaming service also lets you use their app.

Please note: This series is only available in select regions. Therefore to watch this episode, you may need access to a VPN tool.

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