The latest episode of the long-running Korean variety show ‘Running Man’ has been delayed, but has a new release date been revealed for episode 565?

Korean entertainment over the past few years has become synonymous with music and dramas.

Yet, one of the most popular Korean series remains Running Man, the variety show that started all the way back in 2010.

However, fans of the series were disappointed again last night when the scheduled episode 565 failed to air in South Korea.

Running Man episode 565: Release date confusion…

  • At the time of writing, Running Man episode 565 is expected to air on Sunday, August 8th at 10: 55 AM BST.

There had been reports of an August 1st return, but the episode again did not air as planned last night, all but confirming the rumours of a three week delay.

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The episode will instead release on August 8th, as reported by Naver News from South Korea, 30 minutes later than the usual time.

However, fans should note than an August 15th release date has also been shared by MyDramaList, a typically reliable source of scheduling news.

This article will be updated as soon as more information is confirmed by either the production team or broadcast partners.

Why was Running Man 565 delayed?

Running Man episode 565 was delayed because of the broadcast of the Tokyo Olympic Games, per an Instagram post by the official Running Man page.

“We would like to inform you that [Running Man] will be canceled on August 1 due to the broadcast relationship of the ‘2020 Tokyo Olympics’. 🇰🇷 We support the success of our Olympic athletes!” – SBS Running Man Instagram.

As expected, the schedule for entire broadcast stations in South Korea have already been affected by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, with episodes not launching on streaming platforms until they air domestically.

NOTE: Prior to the Instagram post, there were concerns that the episode was delayed because of an outbreak of covid, following cast member Yoo Jae-suk self isolating he had contact with a staff member who tested positive on another of show, ‘You Quiz on the Block’. Thankfully, Jae-suk tested negative and per reports, would resume his activities according to the appropriate guidelines.

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More delays for Korean series…

K-drama fans who aren’t interested in the Olympics have already had a frustrating weekend and unfortunately, should expect more delays in the upcoming weeks.

The Penthouse 3: War in Life, I Live Alone, Music Core and Master in the House were the notable delays over the weekend; with the latest episodes of Hospital Playlist and Racket Boys also postponed.

Whilst many of these series are expected to return as normal the following week, fans should be aware that more last-minute delays could happen to any series, per the broadcast schedule in South Korea.

How to watch Running Man…

Running Man is available through the SBS World YouTube channel for free.

The series is also streaming through Viki Rakuten, SBS VOD and Kocowa.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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