Gfriend’s Sowon will be making her acting debut with IOK company as Kim So Jung. According to the latest reports, the K-pop star will be promoted with the new name, majorly as an actress. Fans speculate if the 25-year-old will now bid goodbye to her K-pop career.

Earlier, fans were excited to see popular K-pop star Sowon join B.I in IOK Company’s label IOK Music. But, the latest update from a Korean media outlet suggests that the 25-year-old K-pop idol will be promoted as Kim So Jung, mainly as an actress. IOK company is home to a number of K-drama stars including Kim Ha Neul, Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung among others.

Read on to know more about the K-pop star’s acting debut with the IOK company.

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IOK company announces GFriend Sowon’s acting debut as Kim So Jung

IOK Company has officially declared that the K-pop star will make her acting debut with the name Kim So Jung.

On August 2, the company stated, “Sowon, who has received great love as GFRIEND’s leader, will change her stage name to Kim So Jung, and she plans on taking a new leap forward with IOK Company.” 

The statement further added: “We plan on fully supporting Kim So Jung, who has endless potential, without holding back so that she can showcase her skills and grow as an actress. Please show lots of support and interest in actress Kim So Jung’s career as she promotes actively in the future.”

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Is Sowon leaving K-pop?

With Sowon signing for IOK company as an actress, fans have wondered if the songstress’s K-pop career is coming to an end. Supporters are emotional as the new era dictates truly the end of GFriend and a new beginning for all the members of the K-pop act.

Speaking of the new beginning, a fan said: “I really want them to shine in their own way. Before gfriend disband, I really want them to be in acting like “Sowon from GFRIEND ” Now I got that but only “Actress Kim Sojung” No more “GFRIEND” It’s okay my feeling is mixed. I’m getting emotional right now.”

Another tweet read: “I didnt expect that Sowon may be the first one who will pursue in acting, I cant wait to see my her my Kim Sojung!”

A third fan wondered: “GFriend Sowon is joining IOK as an actress, is she leaving K-pop? Will she stop singing?”

Gfriend members, where are they now?

Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji, are all seemingly involved in new projects after Gfriend shockingly disbanded, almost out of the blue.


Yerin has been spotted as a host on Lifetime Channel’s ‘Beauty Time Season 2’, along with former T-ARA star, Jiyeon, and ex-AOA member, Choa.


Eunha released her solo single ‘At the End of Time‘ in June. The track served as an OST for the Korean webtoon ‘The Stairway of Time’.


Following Eunha, K-pop songstress Yuju also released her chart-topping ‘healing track’, ‘Comfort’, which was featured as the OST for MBC’s 10th-anniversary special ‘Bossam: Steal the Fate’.

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Umji broke her social media silence on July 18, assuring fans that she has been doing well. She wrote, as reported by AllKpop: “Recently I’ve been facing so many things for the first time in my life so I’ve had many thoughts and felt a little awkward fitting in. But it’s refreshing too. It’s been like that lately. I believe I’ll settle down soon. So there’s no need to worry about me. I am learning so many things about life as a 24-year-old so I’ll remember me being 24.”


SinB surprised fans by streaming a birthday special live in June. The K-pop idol interacted with fans while lighting up candles on a birthday cake. Gfriend-mate Yuju joined fans in watching the live session and left a few comments for the singer as well.

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