In the closing moments of episode 5 things were getting extremely tense as fans waited to see whether John B aka Chase Stokes was going to escape prison.

Some people liked watching him suffer as a prisoner but if you’re team John then you’ll be glad to know that he is finally out of the cell.

Read on to find out how John B gets out of jail and what we took away from Outer Banks season 2 episode 6.

Outer Banks 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Outer Banks 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

How does John B get out of jail?

  • Interim Sheriff Shoupe uses the information supplied by the Pogues to discover that John B was innocent, meaning that he released him from jail.

John B was beaten up and placed in the classic orange all in one suit as he was dumped in a cell. After being charged with first-degree murder with a maximum sentence of the death penalty, things weren’t looking good. Kie screams to Ward that he is a murderer before she is held back and silenced.

JJ visits John B in prison and plots “Operation Liberation,” where he tells John B to act as though his appendix will burst so that he will be taken to hospital and JJ can help him escape from there. 

John B starts to act as though his appendix will burst but he is then attacked by an inmate trying to strangle him to death. John B overpowers him and tells Sheriff Shoupe that someone tried to kill him.

Sheriff Shoupe believes the Pogues’ story and had the gun checked over which was found with Rafe’s fingerprints all over the shells.

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Outer Banks season 2 episode 6 recap

After Rafe tried to murder her, Sarah is still with her ex-boyfriend Topper whilst Ward says he won’t speak to anyone without a lawyer as his house starts to get searched.

Sarah tells John B that Rafe tried to drown her, but John B is more confused as to why Sarah didn’t tell Topper that she is his wife.

As the drama was getting so overwhelming it was decided that Kie & Pope would just remain as friends.

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