On July 31, Pastor Colby D. Mitchell’s leaked video surfaced on Twitter. Shortly after this, he broke his silence and opened up about the tape.

Colby spoke about the leaked tape in an interview with YouTuber Larry Reid. At present, Larry has 108,000 followers on his Larry Reid Live channel. Ahead of his interview, Colby’s followers were worried about him as he looked disturbed in his latest Instagram post.

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Everything we know about Colby D. Mitchell

Pastor Colby has a large social media following, and he often uses the platform to interact with others. At this moment, his Facebook account has around 24,000 followers.

Colby’s Facebook profile hints that the pastor often uses the platform to hold his services. With several people joining his live session, hiss comments section is often filled with praises.

Colby is also often invited to other events as a guest speaker. Recently, he attended Embracing Impact, an event where people who have made a difference are asked to come on and deliver a speech.

Unlike on Facebook, Colby does not have a large following on Instagram. At present, he only has over 700 followers. Despite this, he often uses the platform to engage with his supporters.

Twitter reacts to leaked video

After the news of Colby’s leaked video broke, it did not take long for people on social media to start reacting. One user wrote on Twitter: “All I know is… Most of us didn’t know who “Pastor” #ColbyMitchell was until today! Don’t want to see no video either!”

Another added: “Just found out about Colby Mitchel. I- I’m not shocked but…” “

Yall need to stop!!! Yall knew damn well Colby was in the LGBTQ community. No video needed to prove that LOL and if you didn’t know, check your gaydar!!!!,” another user wrote.

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Pastor responds to the leaked tape

After featuring on Larry’s YouTube channel, Colby finally broke his silence about the leaked tape. He revealed in the interview that the video was taken five years ago. He further added that the clip was released by the baby mama of the man in the video.

The pastor said: “I am sorry for being exposed.”

Colby further admitted that he was feeling depressed following the leak. However, he confirmed that he will take legal action.

As the interview continued, Colby revealed he stayed silent about his relationships as he did not want to come out. He ended the interview by apologizing to the followers.

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