Star Wars: The Bad Batch has been servicing fans of the franchise to the highest degree, by introducing new characters to the galaxy as well as bringing closure to forgotten ones.

The Disney+ show recently brought Cad Bane back into the spotlight – a character who was presumed dead after Dave Filoni released an unaired clip from Clone Wars of Boba Fett conquering Bane in a shoot-out.

Continuing to explore Star Wars lore, The Bad Batch recently introduced the space saga’s first form of Stormtroopers, and we explore the soldiers’ origin.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch | Official Trailer | Disney+

Star Wars: The Bad Batch | Official Trailer | Disney+

Who are the TK Troopers?

During the events of the Clone Wars, Clone Troopers united with the Jedi on the battlefield, however they were later brainwashed by the Empire.

As Palpatine plunged the Galactic Republic into dictatorship, The Bad Batch highlighted how the Empire decided to abolish the production of Clone Troopers and replace them with top-tier soldiers. This move was intended to bring in soldiers that would exhibit loyalty to the Empire.

This band of elite soldiers were called ‘TK Troopers’, who were eventually renamed Stormtroopers.

Fans of the franchise will know Stormtroopers from the original Star Wars trilogy as they spread fear and control throughout the galaxy, and in turn, besmirched the reputation of the Clone Troopers.


The Bad Batch Episode 14

*Spoilers Ahead*

Episode 14 of The Bad Batch, titled ‘War-Mantle’, introduced this original generation of troopers identified with their “TK” designation.

The Bad Batch, once again, continues to explain loose ends within Star Wars canon, addressing what happened to the Clone Army after Order 66 was implemented.

The Bad Batch and Omega investigate a distress call from the planet Daro, only to find a secret military base where Clone commandos are training Stormtroopers.

It’s a pivotal moment for Star Wars fans, as the troopers’ armor has been changed to resemble the Stormtrooper armor we are accustomed to, set to a riff of John Williams’ Imperial theme from the iconic score.

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