On July 30, the news of Gonzoe’s death was confirmed, and several fans have flooded Twitter with tribute messages.

Gonzoe was a former member of Kausion, a group that was was signed to Ice Cube’s Lench Mob Records. The rapper often kept his fans updated on social media. It comes as no surprise that the news of his death has shocked many.

Everything we know about Gonzoe

Gonzoe became famous in the 90s as part of the American rap group known as Kausion. The band also consisted of Cel and Kaydo. The trio got a big break when they were signed by  Ice Cube’s Lench Mob Records in 1995.

The band went on to release their debut album South Central Los Skanless. The album managed to top the Billboard chart. However, in 1996, the band disbanded. It is unclear why the band decided to head their separate ways.

Despite this, Gonzoe continued his music journey while exploring other sectors of the entertainment industry. As per his Instagram, he is the CEO of Glovez Up Gunz Down. The main motto of the platform is to teach boxing while putting an end to gun violence.

What happened to the rapper?

As per All Hip Hop, the incident took place last evening and Gonzoe was shot at a gas station. It is unclear at the moment if anyone else was present with the rapper. Following the incident, the rapper was rushed to the hospital.

The outlet further added that Gonzoe passed away in the morning due to injuries. As of now, the family of the rapper has not weighed in on this news. However, several fans of Gonzoe have already shared tribute messages on social media.

Fans pay tribute on Twitter

Fans have been sharing tribute messages ever since the news of Gonzoe’s death has been confirmed. One user wrote: “R.I.P GONZOE, this song going to hit different now especially when I’m driving in GTA V.”

Another recalled a sweet moment the two shared as the comment read: “RIP Gonzoe. I remember hitting him up on MySpace for a verse and he actually responded. Way outta my budget at the time I was a teenager but he understood and kept it humble.”

“RIP to the West Coast legend Gonzoe! I remember blasting music from The Regime back in middle school. A true talent!” read another comment. “R.I.P Gonzoe…When I was a kid I had the Kausion album,” said another.

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