Netflix’s Outer Banks did not skip a beat during its transition into Season 2, which picked up right where its predecessor left off.

The action-packed second installment saw John B and Sarah on the run as fugitives, stopping off at the Bahamas for some harrowing chases.

Many characters had their lives on the line at some point during Season 2, but we’re here to lift the veil on Ward Cameron’s fate.

Outer Banks 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Outer Banks 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Outer Banks Episode 6

*Major Spoilers Ahead*

Episode 6, titled ‘My Druthers’, saw Ward Cameron’s son Rafe get arrested by the police after Barry orchestrated a trap. Meanwhile, John B handed over further evidence to Sheriff Shoupe that was indicative of Ward’s crimes .

Surrounded by the authorities and unwilling to see his son remain in custody, Ward confesses to killing Sheriff Peterkin (even though Rafe pulled the trigger) and proceeds to blow himself up on a boat.

In the subsequent episode, Sarah and the rest of the family are coming to terms with Ward’s death, and watch a pre-recorded video of the character’s confession to murdering the sheriff. The confession is enough to get Rafe released from prison, and now that he’s dead, the estate can be divided equally.


Does Ward Really Die? Episode 10 Reveal

  • No, Ward is still very much alive. In the Outer Banks season finale, it is revealed that Ward staged his own death when he blew up the boat, and escaped by way of scuba diving gear and some well-timed acrobatics, no doubt.

The character revealed that he faked his own death to escape Sheriff Shoupe after confessing to Peterkin and Gavin’s murder.

Ward appears on a cargo ship with Sarah and the rest of the Cameron family, as they head for an island close to Guadeloupe with the gold.

After a scrap with Sarah, where he almost kills her, John B intervenes and punches him, which causes Ward to fall and hit his head on the edge of the ship. John B almost throws him overboard before an attack of conscience, and we later see Ward recovering from his fall.

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