Barista chain Costa Coffee has just announced that they will now require vaccine passports to eat inside their cafes, and people on Twitter aren’t happy.

As we near the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has imposed many rules outlining what UK citizens can and can’t do.

Whilst restaurants, theatres and sports stadiums are open at full capacity, there are still limits on who can use them.

Many venues are requiring vaccine passports, meaning that people must prove that they are fully vaccinated before they can enter.

The latest chain to impose such rules is Costa, and it’s sparked a lot of backlash on Twitter…

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Costa Coffee imposes vaccine passports in Ireland

On Friday (July 30th), a Twitter user called @Ireland2020 posted a photo of a sign he had spotted in the window of a Costa Coffee branch in the Republic of Ireland.

The sign outlined the new “eat in requirements” and said that everyone who wants to eat in their restaurants will now have to provide proof of immunity and photo ID.

It stated that proof of immunity can include an EU Digital Covid Certificate, HSE Vaccination Card or proof that they have recovered from Covid-19.

“Please prepare these documents in advance and present at counter,” the sign said before adding: “Unvaccinated customers may sit outside and use takeaway cups only.”

The rules currently only apply to Costa branches in Ireland, but the tweet instantly went viral, gaining 6,000 likes and sparking nationwide backlash.

Costa confirms the new rules

English actor and political activist Laurence Fox then replied to the original tweet and said:

“Never buying a coffee with you again. EVER. That’s £15 a week you’ve lost from me. Not that you’d give a s***, but I encourage everyone to #BoycottCosta@CostaCoffee.”

Just to prove that the new rules are actually true, the official Costa Twitter account then replied to Laurence’s tweet, writing:

“Sorry Laurence, We have to abide by the policy set out by so will be asking for proof of vaccination or immunity.”

Costa has introduced the vaccine rules to abide with new Irish laws, but everyone is now boycotting Costa on Twitter.

#BoycottCosta trends on Twitter

Laurence Fox continued to encourage people to boycott the coffee chain, and #BoycottCosta even started trending on Twitter.

“Please write lots of tweets to @CostaCoffee and let them know how you feel about their discriminative policy of not allowing those that haven’t taken their appointment at the jabattoir to share the privileges of those who have. #BoycottCosta,” he said.

In a second tweet, he added: “I love to see it. #BoycottCosta for good. @CostaCoffee Tolerate everything but intolerance. Name, shame and avoid any establishment which discriminates against anyone for exercising their right to bodily autonomy.”

Another Twitter user said: “Dear @CostaCoffee why are you discriminating against those of us who have not had a jab? Are we second class citizens? #BoycottCosta.”

However, many people on Twitter have been laughing about the stupidity of the campaign.

One person wrote: “Hilarious that #BoycottCosta is trending because antivaxxers won’t be allowed in. So… you’ll be doing exactly what Costa wants then?!”

“Yes, antivaxxers, #BoycottCosta! It’s just making us feel safer and I know that after 18 months I can have a coffee with sensible people who are vaccinated, clean their hands and keep their distance!” said another.

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