*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks season 2*

Filled with action, adventure, love and loss, Outer Banks was a revelation when it premiered on Netflix in April 2020 at a time when the world needed an enthralling story to lose itself in.

Released on July 30th, 2021, season 2 of the captivating series has been no different as the race for the legendary treasure has heated up.

Each new episode has been packed with twists and turns and that’s certainly the case in episode 10 but the ending of Outer Banks season 2 has left fans with plenty of questions and needs to be explained.

Outer Banks 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Outer Banks 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Outer Banks season 2 plot

Season 2 of Outer Banks begins with John B and Sarah en route to Nassau after the cliffhanger ending of season 1.

The destination proves fortuitous as it’s the rumoured location of the legendary treasure at the heart of Outer Banks, the golden cross of Santo Domingo that’s supposedly worth up to $400 million.

However, John B, Sarah and the Pogues are not the only ones after the cross and several new players are added to the increasingly dangerous game.


Outer Banks season 2 ending explained

Episode 10 of Outer Banks’ second season takes place almost entirely on the Coastal Venture, a huge container ship run by Ward, Sarah’s father who was previously thought to have died.

Ward has taken Sarah prisoner but the crew are yet to realise that John B and the rest of the Pogues have also stowed away on the ship.

The gang discover that the fabled cross of Santo Domingo is aboard the ship and Pope vows to take back his family heirloom but it won’t be an easy task.

Together with Cleo, the girl that John B and Sarah met in the Bahamas, the Pogues work together to trap Ward’s crew but several crew members remain on the loose.


As Pope, Kie, JJ and Cleo work on getting the priceless cross on deck, Ward causes more trouble for Sarah and John B but after a fight, John B is left with the choice of killing Ward or sparing him, nobly he chooses the latter.

Pope’s attempts to crane the cross out of the cargo hold are interrupted by Rafe and he decides that if the Pogues can’t have the cross, then no one can and he decides to drop it into the ocean but Rafe just about holds onto the rope attached to the cross.

As the Pogues just about manage to get away on a lifeboat, they look back to see that Ward’s crew has managed to heave the cross back onto the ship and Pope vows that their quest for the treasure isn’t over.

The Pogues find themselves on an unidentified island at the end of season 2 which they dub Poguelandia.

Season 2 ends with the Pogues’ families searching for them back in the Outer Banks while in the town of Bridgeport, Barbados, we catch up with Clara who has received a mysterious letter about ‘the shroud’ and it’s revealed that it was sent by John B’s father who is still alive, although he’s supposedly been ‘half-dead’ for a long time.


How the ending sets up season 3

If the dramatic cliffhanger reveal of John B’s father isn’t enough to whet your appetite for season 3, the ending of season 2 left plenty of story threads dangling to be picked up in season 3.

As we saw, the cross of Santo Domingo has ended up in the wrong hands but Pope vows to continue their quest to claim the treasure.

The Pogues may end season 2 on an unknown island but they can’t stay there forever and will have to venture back home eventually.

But what kind of reception they will receive if and when they get back home is another matter as we see that Kie’s family is desperately worried about her and there is an ongoing police search for the kids.

And of course, there is the reveal of John B’s father who could prove to be a useful ally in retrieving the legendary treasure as he knows the location of the mysterious ‘shroud’.


Outer Banks season 2 is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on July 30th, 2021.

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