The last chapter saw class 1-A reveal their knowledge of Deku’s new powers while he tries to escape from them to keep them safe. Now fans are waiting to see what happens next!

My Hero Academia has been going strong since it was first released in July 2014. The series currently has over 30 volumes and is now coming up to Chapter 312.

The series is currently highly rated and sits at a score of 8.28 on My Anime List, with thousands of fans following the release of each chapter. Sadly for fans, there will be a bit of a wait before the intense storyline continues.

Why has it been delayed and when will it return?

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

MHA Chapter 321: Why has the series been delayed?

The series has currently been delayed due to a break from Shonen Jumps’ editorial team. Not only has MHA been delayed but so have many others such as Dr Stone, Black Clover and One Piece, who are all under Shonen.

The delay was confirmed by Shonen Jump on their official Twitter page who say their editorial team also need breaks. However, the reasons are twofold, as the pause lines up with the Tokyo Olympic Games as well. Fans can see the schedule for MHA as well as other series, here.

My Hero Academia Chapter 321: Release date

My Hero Academia Chapter 321 is expected to be released on Sunday, 1st August 2021.

The release date has been confirmed by Viz. A breakdown of previous releases as well as the upcoming chapter is shown here.

The first three and last three (latest) chapters are available to read on Viz for free, however, to read the rest of the book you have to join Shonen Jump! for $1.99USD/£1.44GBP a month. You may trial membership for a week, after this period you will be charged. Spoilers for this chapter can be seen here.

Where to watch the anime version

If you want to watch the popular anime version of My Hero Academia, you can do so on Crunchyroll, with a subscription.

To gain access to hundreds of anime’s on Crunchyroll, viewers will have to pay £6.50 a month. Alternatively, they can trial the popular anime streaming site for 14-days-free*.

Manga series’ similar to MHA you might like…

Should fans find themselves looking for similar manga series while they wait for the release of the next chapter, here are some they may enjoy:

  • One Punch-Man – A man who trained to become the most powerful can now defeat his enemies with a single punch.
  • Black Clover – Orphans Asta and Yuno grew up together and promised that they would become the next Emperor Magnus, even if it means defeating the other.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen – A young man swallows a demon finger to save his friends and becomes a demon himself.
  • Bleach – A high school student who can see ghosts is given the power to become a soul reaper.

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