The Young and the Restless fans have a mystery to solve, as Camryn Grimes’ Mariah Copeland has been abducted.

Mariah is growing increasingly concerned about her whereabouts in the CBS soap, as she has no idea where she could be or who has brought her to the mysterious room during her pregnancy.

Fans are also trying to unravel the mysterious kidnapping alongside her, and we have two suspects in our crosshairs.

The Young and the Restless – #1 Daytime Drama for 25 Years!

The Young and the Restless – #1 Daytime Drama for 25 Years!

Ben ‘Stitch’ Rayburn

Stitch is Abby Newman’s ex and we know that Mariah is her surrogate. Stitch’s arrival shortly before Mariah’s disappearance is automatically suspicious.

Stitch was previously a medic in the army who got pregnant with Abby during their marriage, however the baby was lost after his son Max deliberately caused her to trip down the stairs.

When Stitch arrives, we witness him staring at Mariah, who disappears shortly after. Therefore, he could have a sinister reason behind kidnapping the pregnant character.

There’s also the possibility that Chance Chancellor, who was a former MP in the army and current husband to Abby, knows Stitch, and the pair have come across potentially harmful information that puts Mariah and the baby at risk. 

There are also clues pointing to Carlton Manor as Mariah’s location, as both Abby and Stitch know of it. The place has been deemed unlucky, but the preview suggests that it could be a rich estate.

Stitch’s intentions could be in favor of Mariah and the baby’s well-being, and it is also worth noting that the family is not overly concerned about her disappearance.


Ian Ward

Fans are convinced that Genoa City needs a super villain to appear, as Sally Spectra and Tara Locke don’t have the same gravitas as cult leader Ian Ward.

Mariah was raised by Ian who then married her years later in order to extort Sharon Newman, and he was later imprisoned for trying to blackmail former cult member Nikki Newman.

There is a chance that Ian has escaped from jail and targeted Mariah in order to get back at the Newmans, whilst rekindling his relationship with Mariah.


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