GFRIEND Sowon may join IOK Music, home of K-pop star B.I. The news has made Sowon fans excited about an acting debut of the K-pop star as the music label comes under IOK company, an agency with a long list of talented K-drama stars.

IOK Music currently only has former iKon artist Kim Hanbin aka B.I. The music label has officially stated, “The exclusive contract with Sowon has not been completed and we are discussing it positively.” With Sowon coming close to joining IOK, here’s a look at the top K-pop and K-drama stars currently signed under the label.

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Who are the Top IOK artists?

IOK company which has also opened its music label namely IOK music has K-pop star Kim Hanbin. South Korean artists like Kim Ha Neul, Jo In Sung, Go Hyun Jung, Kim Dong Won, rookie actresses including Yun Sang Jeong are signed under IOK company.

Kim Hanbin aka B.I

Kim Hanbin needs no introduction. The K-pop heartthrob who recently released his first solo full-length studio album, ‘Waterfall.’ B.I The first album containing twelve track offerings also featured some of the most notorious South Korean artists like Tablo of Epik High on ‘Stay’ and K-pop vocalist Lee Hi on ‘Daydream.’

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Kim Ha Neul

Award-winning veteran K-drama actress Kim Na Heul is currently signed under IOK. The 43-year-old South Korean actress has starred in JTBC hit ’18 Again’,  ‘On the Way to the Airport’ and movies including ‘Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds,’ ‘Misbehavior’, ‘Blind’ and more.

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Jo In Sung

‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ star Jo In Sung is currently under IOK company. The 40-year-old K-drama actor will be seen in his upcoming movie ‘Mogadishu.’ The ‘Jump’ star will also be seen in a Disney + JTBC collaboration ‘Moving’ soon.

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Yun Sang Jeong

Rookie actress Yun Sang Jeong is currently starring in tvN’s ‘You Are My Spring’, the show that took over hit K-drama ‘Doom At Your Service.’ The 23-year-old South Korean actress was earlier seen in movies like ‘Hello My Cat’ and ‘Tune in for Love.’

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Sowon fans hopeful about the K-pop star’s acting debut

With the possibility of Sowon joining the IOK label, fans are hyped to see the GFRIEND artist in an acting gig as they discuss the incredible acting of Sowon in various music videos. A fan pointed out, “friendly reminder that sojung is studying acting so idk if the contract is going to be final but if it does i’m sure she’s going to do an excellent job, GO ACTRESS SOWON!”

Another fan declared, “manifesting sowon acting debut!” A third fan theorized, “Ok so IOK is an acting company, but they’ve been expanding into music recently -> Sowon actress debut AND solo debut -> The rest of the girls join companies -> IOK lets Sowon work with them (we already know Sublime will probably let Yerin work with them) -> GFRIEND redebut!”

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