Trigger warning: This post discusses suicide/self-harm injuries

Twitter has been buzzing with concerns about what happened to Kwon Mina. The former AOA star has been reportedly hospitalized after a self-harm injury, Korean media revealed on July 29.

Mina’s self-harm attempt comes weeks after the K-pop star was embroiled in a cheating controversy. The K-pop star’s personal life was dissected by social media users as well as media reports continuously. She faced severe criticism for pursuing a non-celebrity who was in a relationship at that time.

Mina uploaded a three-page long letter on Instagram in the wee hours of July 29. The K-pop star apologized for breaking her social media hiatus and explained that she needed to put her side of the story for the world. Following which an acquaintance explained not being able to reach the K-pop star and paying her a visit out of concern. Mina was discovered unconscious and rushed to the hospital.

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What happened to Kwon Mina?

The hospital update states, Kwon Mina has not received a life-threatening injury but suffered severe blood loss. At the time of writing this, reports suggest that the K-pop star hasn’t gained consciousness yet.

Kwon Mina’s handwritten letter of apology

Kwon Mina in her handwritten apology refuted claims of her lying regarding the bullying and abuses she faced by Jimin. She wrote,  “I’m really sorry for showing actions of not taking responsibility for my words…I kept saying that I would get off Instagram and take time to self-reflect… I had to give you discomfort again.”

She explained, “I contemplated a lot. But there were so many incidents such as the incident with Yoo and Shin Jimin to keep my mouth shut.” Mina added, “a lot of people asked me to explain. I want to explain everything for what they are. So I will explain everything without any lies.”

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Fans call Mina ‘the victim of K-pop industry’

Kwon Mina has shown intentions of self-harm publicly multiple times. The K-pop star came in headlines after uploading and deleting disturbing images of self-inflicted injury on Instagram. Fans took to Twitter to pray for her health after the news surfaced.

A fan said, “this is the second time kwon mina has attempted and it honestly breaks my heart knowing she’s suffering this bad because of the trauma she has from jimin bullying her in aoa. i just want her to be safe. i can’t go through this again…” Another one added, “What I really see is that Kwon Mina is one of the victim of the Kpop industry and there’s no one to defend her correctly.”

In case of any self-harming thoughts, please reach out here.

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