The highly anticipated Indian movie ‘Netrikann’ has opted for a digital streaming premiere, but what date will the film release?

We are now halfway through 2021 and the coronavirus pandemic is still ravaging the entertainment industry.

Series and films from around the world are being delayed, with many opting to launch straight on streaming platforms rather than waiting for a theatrical release.

The latest movie which will follow this trend is the highly anticipated remake ‘Netrikann’, but when will the film premiere?

Netrikann – Official Teaser

Netrikann – Official Teaser

Netrikann opts for a digital release…

On Wednesday, July 21st, the official Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Twitter page announced that Netrikann will be releasing via the streaming platform.

The movie had been slated to release in theatres, but like countless other projects, had opted for a digital premiere.

An official reason for the move to streaming has not been disclosed, but is likely due to the continued rise in Covid-19 cases in the country – resulting in a digital release being a more appropriate avenue for the film.

Netrikann release date…

  • Netrikann will release worldwide via Disney Plus Hotstar on Friday, August 13th.

Last week, producer Vignesh Shivan stated on Twitter that he was “happy & proud be associated” with confirmation of the release being announced “very very soon”.

In the hours following the original post, multiple outlets claimed that Netrikann would debut on the streaming platform in August 2021.

On July 29th, the official trailer premiered on YouTube, confirming an August 13th release date for Netrikann.

This article will be updated with a specific launch time closer to the premiere.

Netrikann | Official Tamil Trailer | Nayanthara , Ajmal, Manikandan, Saran | 13th August

Netrikann | Official Tamil Trailer | Nayanthara , Ajmal, Manikandan, Saran | 13th August

Confusion around the Netrikann plot…

There has been some considerable confusion online about the narrative for 2021’s Netrikann, with many assuming that this is a remake of the 1981 Tamil-language movie ‘Netrikkan’. However, the 2021 film is in fact a remake of a 2011 Korean movie called ‘Blind’.

The original movie centered around a former police detective, who loses her career and vision after a tragic car crash. Now, she is the key witness in a major hit and run case; with the police, press, lawyers and even the killer doubting her story because of her condition.

Blind was nominated for countless awards in South Korea, winning Best Screenplay and Kim Ha-neul winning Best Actress at the 48th Grand Bell ceremony.

Whilst the 2021 Indian movie is expected to be generally loyal to the original story, fans can expect some new twists and turns – with the hit and run replaced by a more widespread murder investigation.

Dubbing languages…

Disney Plus Hotstar confirmed the available dubbing options on social media, following the release of the trailer.

The platform confirmed that the film will launch in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

At the time of writing, it remains unclear whether other audio options, including English, will be made available on the premiere date.

Who are the Netrikann cast?

Only a few of the main cast have been officially revealed online:

  • Nayanthara (Meera from Iru Mugan)
  • Ajmal Ameer (Anjathe from Kirubakaran)
  • Manikandan R. Achari (Santhanam from Vikram Vedha)
  • Lizzie Anthony (Inspector Thankam from K-13)
  • Sharan Shakti
  • Indhuja
  • Sacchin Nachiappan

We are expecting more cast members and the character names to be revealed in the lead up to the premiere.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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