Limp Bizkit’s lead vocalist Fred Durst surprised fans on Tuesday, July 27, after he debuted his new look on Instagram. Since then many fans have been wondering what the singer is up to, now!

The Limp Bizkit rapper was known for his bald look which he accompanied with a goatee beard during the band’s reigning years in music. However, his new look has caused as many waves as the old one since his latest photo surfaced on the internet.

Fred’s Instagram post comes two days before the band is set to start touring together, on July 29, after a long hiatus. Many fans were left in a tizzy after seeing the rapper with a full head of hair.

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Where is the singer now?

Fred (50) captioned his Instagram picture, “thinking about you 70,” as it features him in an orange button-down shirt. However, it was his hair and beard that caught the attention of many.

The singer portrayed a handlebar moustache and a full head of white/grey hair as he looked off into the distance.

Some of his followers compared him to other famous people who looked alike such as Pretty Woman star Richard Gere. One fan even compared him to Grown Ups star David Spade.

Aside from his hair and moustache, Fred has been making headlines thanks to Limp Bizkit’s upcoming tour. The band that went on a long hiatus in 2005, will kick start its 2021 tour on Thursday, July 29 in Lollapalooza in Chicago.

They will be travelling around America and the band’s last show will be on October 7 in Sacramento, California.

Fred, who went on to act and direct movies following the band’s 2005 hiatus, will return as the lead vocalist in their 2021 tour. He took to Instagram recently to post a story, featuring the band’s arrival in Chicago.


Fans react to Fred Durst’s new look

Fans’ reaction to Fred’s new look was interesting, to say the least. Many thought he looked unrecognizable.

Limp Bizkit’s years in music explored 

The rock and rap collective will start their tour in Chicago, Illinois on July 29 and end it on October 7, in Sacramento, California. The band will be visiting as many as 15 locations while on tour.

Formed in 1994, in Jacksonville, Florida, Limp Bizkit reigned over the music world for close to a decade between 1994 to 2005. The band was formed by Fred and his bandmates – Wes Borland, Sam Rivers, John Otto and DJ Lethal.

It was soon joined by musicians such as Terry Balsamo, Tsuzumi Okai, Mike Smith and more. It had as many as 10 members at one point.

Despite their best efforts, the band did not hit mainstream music till 1999. It was their second album, Significant Other which was released to rave reviews catapulting the band to national fame.

The road was clear from here. Their next album, Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water reached the No1 spot on the Billboard 200.

Things remained smooth for a while but the road became rough once again for the rock collective after guitarist and backing vocalist Wes left the group in 2001. Moreover, their next album was met with mixed reviews.

With many things working against them and their fan base dwindling, the band went on a hiatus, following the release of their 2004 album The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1).

After the band went on separate ways Fred went on to work in many independent films. He famously co-starred in Population 436. The 2007 film The Education of Charlie Banks was his directorial debut. The artist’s latest film work was in The Fanatic 2019.

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