BTS V’s Weverse interview has stunned ARMY as they found out the Grammy-nominated group vocalist composed his December hit ‘Snow Flower’ in just three hours!

The ‘Sweet Night’ crooner also talked about his inspiration behind his iconic ‘Butter’ look, the music he has been currently hooked to, and ARMY being his close friends.

Along with the really up close and personal words of V, BTS ARMY can’t swoon enough over Kim Taehyung’s dashing look for the Weverse interview. Taetae sported short hazelnut hair, a striped shirt, and blue denim, looking like the ‘finest man’ that he is, fans shared.

BTS V reveals ‘Snow Flower’ making story

BTS V’s candid interview sheds a light on the Billboard Hot 100 charter artist’s creative process where the 26-year-old vocalist shared making ‘Snow Flower’, his Christmas gift to ARMY in just three hours!

Taetae reveals, “My mixtape was delayed, so I at least wanted to play a different song for ARMY, and I thought, since I’m a bit tipsy (laughs) I thought I should try writing something. So I made the song really quickly. In maybe three hours.”

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Kim Taehyung shares inspiration behind his stunning ‘Butter’ look

‘Butter’ era for Kim Taehyung has been truly special as the ‘Singularity’ crooner broke an existing Instagram record with his teaser images even before the music video came out.

Sharing the source of his inspiration behind his sensuous ‘Butter’ MV look, Taehyung gushed,  “I randomly ended up seeing a video on YouTube of some scenes from an old teen movie Johnny Depp did [which turned out to be the movie Cry-Baby]. The image I got from that was really intense. That’s the look I used in “Butter.”

Kim Taehyung’s ‘Butter’ look was inspired by Johnny Depp (HYBE Labels YouTube)

Taetae’s current favorite music featuring Arctic Monkeys

BTS V is always praised by fans for having the most unique music choice, heavily influenced by classic musicians like Sammy Davis Jr. In the latest Weverse interview V shares,  recently … “No. 1 Party Anthem” by Arctic Monkeys. When I hear that song … I get emotional, somehow. “

He explained, “I don’t usually listen to a lot of rock music, but I can instantly feel the band’s emotions with that song. I seriously get goosebumps listening to it, and emotional, and just all kinds of feelings. It’s to the point that, as soon as I hear that song, I think about how I really want to live well.”

BTS ARMY hails V as their ‘inspiration & aspiration’

BTS ARMY who has been called Kim Taehyung’s best friend/ partner by the singer himself is smitten by the candid interview which led to Twitter’s top chatter. A fan gushed, “Kim Taehyung is so precious. He sees the things in the world that we don’t, knowing him is knowing a making of a better, more beautiful world.”

Another Taetae fan noted, “Our best friend Kim Taehyung giving us beautiful music and comforting us all the time WE PURPLE YOU TAEHYUNG!” A third fan swooned over the singer’s incredible talent saying, “Kim Taehyung wrote Snowflower in just THREE HOURS !! well he’s definitely a natural born artist THE TALENT!” A fan’s emotional tweet read, “Kim Taehyung, our inspiration & aspiration~ WE PURPLE YOU TAEHYUNG.”

Read the complete interview here. Stream ‘Snow Flower’ below.

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