The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta will start soon so here’s your chance to sign up to the Insider Program and hopefully get an invite.

Microsoft’s online mode for their biggest Xbox exclusive will be free-to-play and run at 120fps. The main experience was delayed due to heavy criticism of its graphics and other issues, but it is set to finally launch sometime during the holidays this year.

While everyone is excited for the return of Master Chief, you may be able to enjoy its online companion very soon if you’re extremely lucky.

Halo Infinite Official Multiplayer Reveal

Halo Infinite Official Multiplayer Reveal

When does the Halo Infinite beta start?

The release date for when the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta will start is July 29th.

No release time has been revealed as of writing, but it’s expected to be announced during 343 Industries’ livestream. You will be able to watch this on either Twitch or YouTube on July 28th at 14:00 PT, 17:00 ET, and 22:00 BST.

When does the multiplayer beta end?

The multiplayer demo will end on August 1st. This means you’ll only have three days to enjoy a brief glimpse into the free-to-play product.

As for what will be included, 343 Industries have said that there will be a bot arena to gather feedback on their online performance. You’ll be able to battle these bots on three maps: Live Fire, Recharge, and Bazaar.

Seeing as shooting will be a huge part of the playable sample, you’ll also get to try out some new guns including weapons like the Plasma Pistol, BR75, Heatwave, and Skewer. And, as everyone’s favourite part of any game, you’ll also be able to give feedback on the menus and battle pass UI.

How to sign up for the Halo Infinite beta

You sign up for the Halo Infinite beta by creating an Insider profile.

Visit the Halo Insider website and follow the below steps:

  • Click sign up and use your Xbox Live account details
  • Give Halo Waypoint permission to access your Xbox Live information
  • Confirm that you are 18-years or older and agree to the confidentiality statement
  • Select join program
  • Enter your preferred email address, choose your time zone, and select yes for tips and offers about the franchise
  • Click yes for console or PC flighting depending on your platform and then enter the remainder of your relevant details

After you’ve filled in all the pages of the required information, your Halo Insider profile will be complete. This doesn’t guarantee you’ll be invited to the beta, but it gives you a chance at least.

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