T.J. Ward is in deep water after comments made, following Ron Rivera‘s expressed frustration at the low vaccination rate amongst players on the Washington Football Team. In a Twitter rant, the ex-NFL star commented on cancer, smoking, and bad diets.

Ward has now responded to backlash via a separate tweet.

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What did T.J. Ward write on Twitter?

T.J. Ward might have announced retirement back in April, but it looks as though he’s still getting in the loop where the NFL is concerned.

Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera recently expressed frustration surrounding the low rate of vaccinations amongst his players. According to Jhabvala, Rivera spoke out: “I’m truly frustrated. I’m beyond frustrated. Part of the reason I walk in with a mask on is I’m immune-deficient.”

For one reason or another, T.J. Ward commented on the whole ordeal via a series of now-deleted tweets.

Ward wrote: “Just park the Riverboat. His health is beyond that of COVID. Maybe it’s time to let it go.”

He continued: “Don’t blame the players for your life long health decisions. At some point you gotta pay for them vices.”

“Cancer runs in my family like many American families. But also bad diets and cigarettes do as well. Except responsibility. Don’t blame and be disappointed in your 23 year olds cus they have they own bodies and opinions about there health.”

For context, In August 2020, Rivera was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma located in a lymph node of his neck. Thankfully, after receiving treatment, the coach was deemed cancer-free as of January 2021.

Rivera is still at high risk of COVID-19 and, thus, NFL fans were not okay with Ward’s tweets.

Ex-NFL star responds to backlash

T.J. Ward received a lot of backlash and has since deleted the original tweets.

The former NFL star took to Twitter to clear up his side of the story.

Ward wrote: “Gonna address this one time more. I was not trying be insensitive to anyone effected by the cancer. I know you don’t chose to get cancer. And I tried to clear that up. If you know me and my career you know what my support is for cancer people dealing with it. I’ve been effected.”

He followed on with a second tweet: “Myself closely. I didn’t mean to offend you. God bless.”

Although fans appreciated the response, many still weren’t having it.

One person tweet replied: “No getting out of this one buddy.”

Another wrote: “Try the words “sorry” and “I was wrong.” Might help.”

What do you think about the situation?

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