Fans have slammed insensitive Simone Biles ‘quit’ memes circulating on social media after her decision to pull out of the Olympic team.

The American gymnast said that she needed to focus on her mental health after she withdrew from the women’s team final on Tuesday, July 27th.

“I know that this Olympic Games, I wanted it to be for myself,” Simone said. “I came here, and I felt like I was still doing it for other people. So that just hurts my heart that doing what I love has been kind of taken away from me to please other people.

According to reports, she has now decided to pull out of the individual all-around final on Thursday.

While fellow athletes have praised the four-time Olympic champion for prioritising her health, a number of insensitive memes have surfaced on social media.

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Twitter slams Simone Biles insensitive memes

Many fans have slammed offensive memes for mocking Simone’s decision to pull out of the Olympic team due to her mental health.

People have taken to Twitter to hit out at online trolls for joking about such a sensitive topic.

One Twitter user wrote: “I have seen some really awful, no vile, posts and memes going after Simone Biles. I don’t understand this. I just don’t get how some people can be so mean, no vicious. Just stop.”

Someone else added: “I hope Simone Biles realizes that literally MILLIONS of people love her, are proud of her, and support what she is doing. And that it’s only a couple of trolls on the internet who are saying otherwise. Unfortunately their voice just gets amplified sometimes.”

Former UFC star Ronda Rousey is one of many who slammed the online trolls, writing that they can’t understand the amount of pressure athletes face.

Ronda wrote: “Everyone judging @Simone_Biles doesn’t know their foot from their a****** when it comes to being in her position. She’s on the Olympic team while you’re on Twitter. Whatever is going on cannot be grasped from outside. She’s doing the absolute best she can given the situation she’s in.”

Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Trailer – BBC

Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Trailer – BBC

Celebrities voice their support on social media

Fellow athletes and celebrities have flooded social media with messages of love and support to Simone.

Award-winning actress Viola Davis wrote in an Instagram post:

“Just when the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world, it became a butterfly.” Always a champion. Always a gamechanger, a rule breaker. Always a consummate teammate…..a bastion of support….You have shifted the sport and reminded us what it means to be HUMAN…and because of all this…you will be remembered.”

Broadcaster Hoda Kotb tweeted: “Someone said it best. @Simone_Biles already won. She is a class act. Withdrew from team competion after vault… stayed and cheered on her teammates… got them chalk for their hands.. encouraged.. hugged them. She already won. Congrats on the silver medal!”

Former Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon also voiced his support and wrote: “I can’t imagine the pressure Simone has been feeling. Sending her SO much love. It easy to forget she’s still human. WE LOVE YOU.”

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Check out these career highlights of Simone Biles

We’ve listed our three favourite achievements by the athlete but here are in case you have missed them:

  • Simone is a six-time US champion in vault and a five-time US champion in balance beam and floor exercise.
  • She has 25 World medals, including 19 gold, which is the most in gymnastics history.
  • Simone made history at the 2016 Rio Olympics after she won four gold medals at a single Games.

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