Twitter has come to the defence of Simone Biles after radio host Charlie Kirk criticised the gymnast for pulling out of the Olympic team.

On Tuesday (July 27th), the four-time Olympic champion stepped out of the women’s team at the 2020 Tokyo games after she struggled to land a vault.

Biles said that she wasn’t in “the right headspace” and took the decision to withdraw from the team, cheering her mates from the sideline.

“I know that this Olympic Games, I wanted it to be for myself,” Simone said after that. “I came here, and I felt like I was still doing it for other people. So that just hurts my heart that doing what I love has been kind of taken away from me to please other people.”

Radio presenter Charlie Kirk has criticised Simone for her decision but it didn’t take long for Twitter users to show their support over his remarks.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Trailer – BBC

Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Trailer – BBC

Support pours in for Simone Biles

Support has poured in for Simone after radio host Charlie Kirk criticised the gymnast for pulling out of her team due to her mental health.

Kirk made a series of strong remarks about Simone’s decision, calling the gymnast “a shame to the country”, among other things.

Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum retweeted the radio presenter’s video and defended Simone, writing in a Twitter post:

“Is it that hard to be supportive and empathetic to what others are going through? This is someone’s daughter and her health your referring to. Wonder if he has kids and how he would feel as a parent someone talking about his kids this way. Cause I’d be DAMNED. Simone is a hero!”

Tatum isn’t the only person to show support to Simone after she withdrew from her Olympic team.

British gymnast Max Whitlock, personal trainer Alice Liveing and former Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon sent messages of support to the gymnast.

Alice penned a lengthy message on Twitter which said: “We need to talk about how female athletes are treated in sport. Simone Biles, arguably the best gymnast of all time pulling out of an event because she recognised she wasn’t able to compete. If she’d hurt herself physically you KNOW the narrative would be different.”

Celebs and fans send support to Simone

The four-time Olympic champion received plenty of support from fellow celebrities and her fans.

Michelle Obama, Viola Davis, Andy Cohen and Janet Jackson are some of many people who have voiced their support on social media.

The former First Lady wrote:

“Am I good enough? Yes, I am. The mantra I practice daily. @Simone_Biles, we are proud of you and we are rooting for you. Congratulations on the the silver medal, Team @USA!”

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Career highlights of Simone Biles

Simone has a lot to be proud of – here is a small snippet of her career achievements:

  • Simone is a six-time US champion in vault and a five-time US champion in balance beam and floor exercise.
  • She has 25 World medals, including 19 gold, which is the most in gymnastics history.
  • Simone made history at the 2016 Rio Olympics after she won four gold medals at a single Games.

For a full list of Simone’s accomplishments, you can check out her official bio on the website of USA Gymnastics.